Thinking about growing, advice needed!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bagerzxxx, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Im new to grasscity as a member however i have been looking at lots of different posts as a guest for a couple of months now, as i do love to see everybody's different grow setups.
    Im a newb here, and this is my first post so it may sound a bit stupid.

    I have a wardrobe im thinking about growing in,
    2' 7" width
    3' 4" Height
    1' 3" Depth

    and i would like to grow at least 2 plants, maybe 4 that produce a maximum yield, do you thing this would be big enough?

    I think im going to use cfls as a lighting method, however im stuck on ventilation. I live in a rural area, however unfortunately I do have neighbours so smell is a bit of a problem for me. I have been looking at ventilation and I just got stuck with the whole required intake and exhaust, because I have a couple of books and both of them say I need at least a certain type of power for my exhaust and a lower power intake fan. So I started looking at fans, and got completely baffled. I need a fan that is the correct size for a carbon filter, however according to my book, it needs to be a big fan.

    Can anybody recommend me a good set of intake and exhaust fans for a wardrobe this size? Thanks all :)
  2. Don't use an intake fan. Just have an exhaust. All an intake fan will do is slow down your exhaust. I could be wrong but I just go with a passive intake on my setup.

  3. steve, your are doing well there as i stated in your thread but if hes gonna get into this he oughta do it right, learning about the needed of ventilation is essential and fans also help to redistribute fresh oxygen and co2. within an inclosed environment it helps to reduce heat and circulate the air.

    your dimensions sound close to mine, 3 plants and im runnin a 2x 150w cooltube one horizontally and then one vertical, use 50cfm fan for the horiz, and another 50 for the vertical, a top mounted clip on fan and a lil 4in fan down at the bottom by 2 x 5 inch passive intakes. so sounds to me like theres a ton of options especially reding that you wnana use cfl, the need for fans willl be reduced, due to the lack of heat output, but a bunch of cfl can add up to alot of heat, so proper circulation and exaust is essential. use some pc fans and such, use lights to gauge the temp changes and adjust exaust fan size and or intake size to par.

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