thinking about goin down the scrog route...

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  1. anyone got any tips/hints/suggestions for me?
    how early shud i put the screen up?
  2. Put the screen 12-18" above your plant, depending on how much total height you have to grow. Don't need a lot of plants for SCRoG, just have to fill up that screen. I generally start with the screen on depending how tall your clones are because you have to start training as soon as they reach the screen.
  3. mm
    well my guys are not even outta the seedling stage:p
    so once the reach the screen what do i need to do then?
  4. There is a how to SCRoG thread, just search. Basically you have to train the branches out so they fill out the screen.
  5. hehe theyre feminised but yeah ur rite my LADIES will be goin down the scrog route:p
    is there any chance it could kill the plants?
  6. SCRoG killing your plants? No! However be careful not to snap a branch. Even feminised seeds don't get 100% female.. Just an FYI.
  7. just do little by little, before they even get close to the screen you might want to start tying branches down with some string or something...otherwise known as lSt. I've started to do this on a few of mine already.

    We're trying to make bushes and not trees, well that's kind of the idea with the training anyway
  8. Exactly!
  9. well thats good news i was worried i was gonna hurt em:(
    tie em to the pot or to the screen?
    yeah i no theyre not thats why i said i didnt wanna jinx it:p
    yeah i was thinkin of lst but scrog seems to be the best idea
  10. yeah when they get a little bigger take some sewing thread and put a slip not so it can expand with the stem, and tie it to the side of the buck or whatever you can. You can see how I did mine in my sig
  11. are they recent pics?
    so basically u just keep twisting the stems ya?
    any tips on gettin good strong stems?
    im defo gonna do this
  12. no no dont twist the stems...

    if you have a fan blowing lightly through the plants it will increase the stem strength.

    yes their recent pics, you'll want to wait till their around the size of mine before starting lst.
  13. if you dont have atleast one fan blowing in your canopy and underneath, your not gunna end up the scrog you wanted. its a +plus to scrog because of evening the canopy/equal light exposure, but it creates a dense.... blanket of stagnant air in the lower canopy, have as much air movement as possible down there.:wave:
  14. yeah i figured i cudnt start too soon
    yeah ive got a house fan on the bottom and a bathroom fan in the top:)

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