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Thinking about giving up. Give your thoughts.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shittytoker, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. No, it's not because I have any problem with it. Since I've learnt how to use weed responsibly I've loved it. It's just the whole dealer element of it.

    For the past 2 months I've been dry because friends and acquantinces have had no interest in helping me finding a legitimate and constant source of weed. They usually say something like "Yeah sure, i'll help you out." Then when they don't respond after almost a day, I hit them up again. Then it's "oh yeah he's dry ill tell you when he's back on". A week or so goes by, I ask them again. This time, no response. The honorable thing to do would be to either ignore me from the start, kindly say no or just lie and say that you don't know any dealers.

    My last resort is going to places trying to pick it up from strangers...yeah, not something I really want to do. I'm not really the smoking type, i'm quiet and never really hung around any sort of criminals or smokers in my life so that makes it hard to not get ripped off.

    This has kind of been a rant, but do you think I should just give up (for now) grasscity? I don't anticipate finding any new smoker friends at the university i'm going to so i'm just not sure if it will be for good or not.
  2. I feel you, dealers can be annoying as fuck. Might as well stop until you can either find a reliable one or grow yourself.
  3. thats fine by me
  4. Thing is, I don't really want to. I want to smoke especially over my upcoming holidays but thinking of ways to get it, who i could contact etc is driving my head in
  5. lol just because your area is dry doesn't mean you'll never see weed again. Just give it time or make some new friends that don't suck.
  6. Just try out growing if you can. I'm planning on it pretty during the summer. Keeps your mind occupied and you learn a lot.. As well as save a lot
  7. then stop trying to go through your deadbeat friends and shop around for someone legit

    i ran out of contacts a few months back and found someone even better just by looking around

  8. dont have the capacity to grow at the moment, plus i'm not really interested in that side of it. I just want bud :smoke:
  9. #9 FoRsAkEn StOnEr, Oct 20, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 20, 2011
    Ok well first off im baked and have been sitting here thinking for ten minutes and im starting to realize, whats got me confused is how could you not find any anywhere?

    Try asking anybody wearing a nice fitted hat or some Nike's.

  10. How'd you go about this? Did you just ask randoms? I'm still sketch as about that lol
  11. My opinion, just stop and don't deal with sketchy ass people.

    Tried a couple guys at works. One guy keeps telling me he's got weed and shit, and to buy some. Went over to his damn house three different times, all three times, he said he had none.

    Other guy, went good for a couple months. Got my number changed a couple times and contacted him and let him know and everything, and he just completely stopped texting me back.

    Got any family members that smoke?

  12. maybe cousins that i see once every so often. Not sure if they smoke weed but one of them is covered in tattoos with those massive ear rings.
  13. Yeah, dealers can suck ass. It's like talking to a used car salesman sometimes, but you've gotta either make some more friends or if you live in the right state just get a card.
  14. nah, well... kinda, i just tried meeting people downtown and asking whoever looked like they might smoke. eventually it paid off.

  15. Ask them on their view of it. If they smoke, ask if they can hook you up with a dealer.

    Family is the way to go. My cousin is my main dealer, so I never have to worry about getting fucked over.
  16. I probably should mention that by every so often i mean every few years lol. I might ask him if i run into him again sometime soon
  17. I've been dry for over 5 months. It gets easier man, and when you actually get some dank, it makes the experience so much better :)

  18. Wish I had a dank connect. :(

  19. Don't worry man, with time, the all mighty dank gods shall rain dank upon your life.:smoke:

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