Thinking about doing shrooms?

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  1. I'm thinking about doing shrooms, do drugs dealers thats sell weed usually sell shrooms too? Thinking about asking my dealer is if he does.

    Who here has tried shrooms?

    Whats did you think of the trip? How does it compared to weed?

    Only have a couple friends that wanna do it, so that means more to watch us, but i hope they don't fuck with us while were triooin so i dont have a bad trip
  2. i've done shrooms once, fun experience and id do it again
  3. uhh why be around people who might fuck with you while your tripping? and some dealers might also sell shrooms if they sell weed but none of my weed dealers cant help you with what its like ect
  4. Shrooms are a great time

    Use the search button.

  5. I got my shrooms off someone different than my weed dealer but you can ask your dealer. He may have shrooms or he may be able to get a hold of them for you/know someone who has shrooms.

    I've done shrooms twice and the trip was amazing. It is nothing like weed. First off, shrooms will give you solid visual hallucinations unlike weed. You will experience so much on shrooms.. it is amazing and I definitely would recommend it. I'd go into more details but you can use the search function to find guides/experiences.

    And good idea having a sitter with you. I never needed one but that's smart in case you do start to freak out.

    Some tips:
    - be outside.. especially in nature works well. Some people like to be inside watching a movie or something but i find being outside is so much better. It will change the way you look at things.
    - if the trip starts to go bad, remember that its the shrooms and its you should be fine
    - have a blast. taking shrooms has been some of the best times of my life and it truly is an amazing experience
  6. man i cant wait to do shrooms. i think we're getting some next week. and yeah i think people other than your normal pot dealer usually sell them. they'll usually know someone though if you're lucky. sometimes theyre a bitch to get ahold of.
  7. I didn't like shrooms.
    I'm used to doing extacy and the trip I got from Shrooms wasn't fun.
    My friend I tripped with was just trippin way harder then me seeing jelly fish and stuff.
    I just wanted to sit but I couldn't because I didn't like how anything felt. Then my friend asked if my brain feels like it's bleeding because she heard that's what happens when you're on shrooms (it doesn't) and I freaked.
    I tried watching Alice and Wonderland the version with real people and i couldn't even tell what was going on.
    The cat made me cry i got so scared. And I didn't know how I was going to live my life anymore after the trip.
    Worste ever.
  8. Just tried shrooms Friday and i absolutely loved them man, i still like acid better though.

    Take a half 1/8th your first time, it should cost anywhere from 25-50$ depending on your location. Only trip with a few of your close friends and just have a good time:D
  9. ^ This.

    Shrooms can vary in strength, and in my opinion it's better to have a weak trip your first time out than one that's too strong. Eat no more than half an eighth... if you can't weigh them, eat no more than like 5 caps (assuming the caps are about the size of a quarter coin). Maybe 6 caps if they are smaller.

    Make sure to chew them very well before you swallow. They will taste disgusting, which is why I recommend buying some Skittles to go with them. Put a cap or two in your mouth along with a couple of Skittles, then chew. The Skittles mask the taste.

    A weak trip will feel sorta like you're stoned, but a bit more "mental" than physical. You will find things very amusing and funny; we'd always laugh and laugh.

    THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: Tripping is all about the environment you are in. Do not trip around people you do not trust, and do not trip around people you wouldn't want to know you're on something. This will give you anxiety and stress, and those things lead to bad trips.

    If you have a really strong trip and feel like its out of control, remind yourself that (a) you're just on shrooms, and (b) it is temporary.
  10. Thanks for the useful information guys, I will take this all into account when I trip for my first time.
  11. shrooms are deff worth trying at least once. Ive done them once and plan on doing them again this weekend. I did not stop laughing the entire trip, its soooo much fun.

    And i think its safe to say that most weed dealers dont sell shrooms. You usually gatta ask around a little. But you got good timing, shrooms are in season rite now and not that hard to come by.
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    Wow, you seem pretty new to trippin...

    Do some research on it and make sure you want to do it. It Is Nothing To Underestimate!

    Don't be hanging around a bunch of people not trippin, they will just dampen your trip.
    You're gona want to be around people that are trippin, but try to get at least one sitter whose not trippin, but make sure it's somebody you can trust! Lots of people think it's fun to fuck with people while they're trippin and they're fuckin dicks. But it happens man.... I've had several girls try to fuck with us while trippin, and I straight up left that room and didn't go back till I went to bed.

    You're gona want to explore nature, go for a walk with some buddies when you're trippin. You're gona want to "relate" to nature, explore the world and your mind.

    It's a great experience man and advocate shrooms to anybody who hasn't tried it, but remember,, for god sakes man remember this if nothing else, It is nothing to fuck with!!! Don't underestimate shrooms man.

    My advice, take 2g your frist time trippin. If it's bomb boomers you'll be trippin pretty damn good for your first time, just so you don't over do it ya know... You can completely loose yourself trippin balls.

    Just remember to keep common sense throughout your trip. Try to get into the mindset that "I'm on shrooms right now, most of this isn't real, and everything that I'm experiencing at this moment will go away... This feeling is not forever, enjoy it wihle it lasts!"

    Have fun man and be safe! I <3 my boomers! :cool:

    edit: shrooms are usually semi-hard to come by... Just ask your dealer if he has any or knows where you can get some. Don't spend anymore than 30 an eighth, thats for some BOMB shroomies
  13. Don't feed your dog shrooms dude, unless of course, it's a Basset hound, they like that.

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