thinking about cars after a toke

Discussion in 'General' started by Chillout, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone,

    i got high and thought about it

    who out there likes fast cars?

    what kind?
  2. kinda a mustang guy myself the new SVT mustang cobras are puttin out almost 400hp, they could easily take a C5 corvette and keep up with the Z06 vette. the supercharger sounds so sweet on them to.
    i drive a second gen mazda rx7 tho, always had a thing for the rotary engine, the new rx-8 are sweet too, but i can wait till 2006 when they bring the rx-7 back.
    lets see sum new really fast cars??
    Ford GT40
    Ferrari Enzo
    porsche GT2 and GT
    BMW M3
    oh almost forgot Saleen, they upgrade cars mainly mustangs like the SR, S351, and S281. If you dont like mustangs you havnt seen a saleen yet, they upgrade the engine, suspension, and body. They also jst released the saleen S7 which youve probably seen in Bruce Almighty and the new Mach3 razor commercial. first car saleen has built from the ground up. very sweet car.
  3. 03 cobra's are pretty sweet but I have heard alot of bad news on build quality. For 35,000 the car should not rattle, shake and noisy transmissons as well as the IRS rear end poping every time you slam a gear. I would be very disapointed for the money.

    Right now I am cruising a VW GTI 16v, love it but parts are expensive for nazi cars and like most older vw's the wiring sucks and have had a few electrical fires. But I am very mechanically inclined and was able to rewire my entire engine harness in a HEB parking lot. I am intrested in getting a 1g all wheel drive turbo DSM. (89-94 eclipse, talon, laser) These cars are seriously quick, out of the box they were running like a 14.6 in 1/4. With very light mods these all wheel drive cars will put down 300hp and run mid 13's in the 1/4 mile. All from a a little 4g63T 4 banger. I got into hotrodding when I was 15-16 years old and loved muscle cars. I use to drive a 79 z28. I know it was real slow from the factory, but i built the engine. Vortec heads, comp cam, roller rockers, forged pistons and long tube headers and a 750 double pumper on top of a destroked 400. (377 cu in.) Car was wicked fast for an 18 yr old to drive, but enjoyed every moment. I had a posi rear end put I left 2.56 gears in the car, kind of a dog of the line but I could get great milage on the high way. 14mpg just cruising. Those gears gave me a great advantage at high speeds though, I remember racing from a roll 45-150 against my freinds 96 t/a with a six speed. I would walk him every time by 3-4 cars, but when you hit 165 in a 79 camaro you think you are really going to die. That is insanley fast, w/ windows down and the sound of straight headers at 6500rpms.

    Oh yeah, did I mention that I think my brain gets locked on cars when I smoke? Heh god im stoned....
  4. My friends dad has a 2003 BMW M3 6 speed SMG... He took me for a ride once and hit a few red lights, smoked some tires, and wound her up to 6k rpm for a good afternoon of joy riding.. it was quite exhillerating. Too bad he didn't let me drive it haha...

    I have to stick to my 1999 xlt ford ranger. It's a nice truck.. but its still a truck, haha... But i get to look forward to the hollidays when i visit my parents and get to drive my stepdads 240hp 94' mercedes c280. He's pampered this car for years and slowly upgraded the engine and whatnot over the years. He put in a cold air intake, entirly new dual exhaust system, wide tires, lowered about an inch and a half, and some engine computer upgrades. It's quite a car for its age.

    My sisters boyfriend owns a 2002 Mustang GT thats in show car condition, and is building a dragster out of a 1993 mustang frame. Putting a big block in that thing, its gonna scream down the track!

    4 of my uncles are really into cars, and i believe two of them own garages up in cleveland. My uncle owns a early 90's body firebird. He built the entire thing by hand. He claims it has over 600 horse power. I haven't even seen it since i was like 12 years old though. I'm going up to cleveland for christmas, i might have to stop by and steal it, haha....

    I'll try to scrounge up some pictures, i don't have a scanner though...
  5. wow cool

    I wish I had a fast car,

    once I graduate and have a job for a couple years I want to get something that can put out more than 1000 hp.

    maybe a skyline...

    Right now I have a slow 4 banger honda accord. the fastest I have gone in it is 135. At least it is a manual, maybe it can go faster if I don't puss out cause of my po po paranoia.

    my car is really good for hotboxing, its too much fun to drive around stoned
  6. im with mary right now, and damn shes fine.... but yeha i got a subaru WRX my garmpah bought me(rich bastard knwos how to spen the dough!)..its a cool car, specialy for a snowboarder liek myself... and its good to have the possiblity of a little amp to show off with my freinds.... its all about the standard baby!
  7. the wrx is a very sweet car, the new sti wrx's are fuckin SICK 300hp 6speed all-wheel drive, they got that sweet rally look, big fukin hood scoop, i would get a blue one with gold rally rims, i would drop it alil and up the boost, smoke a doob and take it rallyin threw the closest forest. that would be FUCKIN BAD (closed track tho, dont smoke and drive) :)

  8. Been watching too much fast and the furious, haha...

    First of all, those things are VERY expensive, mostly because of that stupid movie. The resale has shot up after it came out. Along with resale of supras and the like... Another thing about them, learn to drive on the right side, they don't make american versions, unless you get a customized one, which you'll have to sell your house for. With that in mind, they're all over in japan. Shipping one here, who knows how much that'd cost. If your lucky enough to find one here in the US for sale, expect the guy selling it to get some good cash for it. Oh, and don't forget about emissions...Japan doesn't exactly have the same clean air controll as the US has. A stock skyline won't pass emission tests, let alone a skyline with all your engine upgrades. Expect to throw down a couple thousand for a catalytic converter...

    With that being said, there are just better cars out there than a skyline. You could always get a later modle maxima and put the skyline body kit and lights on it :)

  9. I kinda like wrx's.. but i don't think i'd ever want to buy one. Theres just something about a 4 cylinder i can't trust, haha...
  10. im a muscle car guy, like my v8s also into just cruising...

    i want to get an EH wagon do it up with some power but just chilled too... put it on airbags, nice paint, my old man is an upholsterer so i can get a nice interior for cheap, nice wheels too...

    this is a pic of an EH (they came out in 1964)

    i hate rice burners, like civics and that crap. I mean they werent meant to go fast so why try, everyone does the same thing they are hardly different. Subs, chrome wheels, neons, racing seats that dont match the car, momo steering wheel or gear knob, crappy stickers thrown over the car maybe a turbo if you are lucky.... oh well what ever tickles your fancy

    lowriders are cool, not many of them in aussie. Also mini trucks they are great... i love wagons and utes they are the shit!

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  11. I've never been impresseed with recent mustangs. I could by a dsm for $2500 and put another $3000 in it and beat any mustang plus keep up with z06's for much less money. The newer mustangs lost their image because so many teenage girls and middle aged women drive them. A skyline would be a seet-ass car. I'd want an R 32 V-SpecII in white. That would be so awesome. In a few years I'm going to get a Lancer EVO. I love the 4g63 "bullet-proof" engine.
  12. I don't believe in fast cars. I drive a 1978 VW Microbus. :)

    4 Cylendars - Horizontally opposed
    No coolent
    75MPH Maximum speed (I've got her up to 90 on a straight downhill stretch with a tailwind)
    4 on the floor
  13. alright,

    an R32 is a little out there, but blame Grand Turismo for my dreams, not the fuckin rice and rediculous. I think I could sooner get one than a crazy ferrari or something man but that WRX sounds pretty sweet to me to i guess its just something about the AWD
  14. check out motoRex if your looking for a skyline, they are the top importer to the US
    go to
    for the skyline R34 GTR v-specII with the RB26DETT, your lookin at right around 95,000, and if u want it swapped left hand drive, it will cost u another 25-30grand.
    If your not lookin to spend that kinds money, jst wait a few years, due to the recent success of sport compacts, nissan is talkin about bringing the skyline to the US in 2006, if u wana read more jst seach yahoo or sumthin for 2006 skyline, due to the success of cars like the evo, srt-4, and wrx etc. their isnt a dought in my mind that they will do it.
  15. hands down, the ultimate driving machine...need i say more?

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  16. hah, i love that game, i have all have all 6 (?) skylines in the game...
  17. bootanist al...that is a sweet stoner ride...thats what im talkin about....YEAH!!!!
  18. My friends in Ohio have this yamaha raptor that has like a 700cc engine in it. Its one FAST atv, and it cost like 6 grand too... They have a lot of land, too. They have something like 4 dirt bikes and like 6 atvs. Not to mention their 4x4 pickups and yukon denali (which is so badass)... I can't wait to go back up there over christmas...
  19. BLOWN uncle owns artic cat.
  20. yess offroading is super fun

    last week I got a little drunk and did doughnuts in my friend's truck in his backyard

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