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thinking about buying one of these

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by sourdiesel1323, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. anyone have any input? used a bub like this before? says it's 10 inches tall, from[​IMG]


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  2. i guess i put it in the wrong category, not a dry pipe clearly. oops
  3. Definitely looks nice. I'd prefer it a bit more portable, personally, but the chamber size looks to make up for it. How much?
  4. Whether it would be worth it or not totally depends on the price...

    And, judging by the picture, whether you use hash oil a lot. Because that's a hash oil rig and really not worthwhile for regular bowls unless it has a normal bowl attachment.
  5. Well you could get a female slide, but since that is a rig like you said it dosnt have that much defusion so it gonna be a little harsh
  6. i ordered it today. yeah, only for oil. i got plenty of pieces for plant matter. i'll let you know how it works, price was about 120$, seemed pretty fair.

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