Thinking about buying a vape. Help

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  1. My lungs have been begging me for years to buy a vaporizor and I think now is the time.

    Just have a few questions before I pull the trigger on one.

    Do they get hot enough to get all of the THC vaporized or would I be throwing away THC using a vape? Do you find yourself going through more weed using a vape or bong/bubbler.?

    Also I've never used a vape. Does it not stink as bad as using a bubbler? And do you still get the dank taste when you use a vape?

    Thanks to anyone who can answer these for me. I've got a MFLB sitting in checkout on a website right now just waiting for me to pay for it lol.
  2. they can get most of the thc out, but most people don't go that warm and just save their vaped herb up to make edibles or smoke or revape later (but if you're interested in an mflb, you should know you don't have an easily adjustable temp and it will be harder, if not impossible)

    i go trough way less than when i used to smoke, like 1/3rd of my original consumption, half if i consume multiple bowls troughout the day.

    Vaping certainly smells, but not the kind of smell people expect from bud. It also dissipates much faster, with an open window the room would be odorless after about 15 minutes. Taste is way better, but only for the first couple of hits.

    If you can afford it, i would go with an arizer solo or a desktop vape, mflb is a good piece but takes a while to get you where you want to be imo, i'd only recommend it if concealability and portability are very important or if you have a lowish tolerance and look for a cheap starting unit.
  3. I use more weed with a vaporizer (I use an Arizer Extreme) vs my Roor bong. The smell is reduced a lot, but it's still there. I use a Smoke Buddy and blast my window AC for my bong to keep the smell in check, but with the vaporizer I only need an open window and fan. Bong requires daily cleaning and are very fragile. Vaporizer needs a simple dusting every now and then but is pretty durable. I love both, I switch between them frequently.

    I just bought a Magic Bullet blender and it turns ice cubes into shaved ice. So I've been using my bong a lot lately; filed with ice water in the reservoir and shaved ice in the tube. This has anyways been my favorite way to use cannabis. A close second is slow filling an extra large turkey oven bag with vape. As an extra treat I put the mouth end of the vape whip into my bongs joint end and vape by hitting the bong. It moistens the vape smoke making it a little more comfortable.
  4. Honestly you get approximately twice the amount of cannabinoids than you do smoking because putting a lighter or flame up to weed instantly destroys half of it. But if you can, spend more for the Solo because you will be more satisfied with the hits, not so much size. But it does give lots more battery life AND you can use it while it's charging :D

    I've had those moments with my MFLB that I'm charging both of the batteries and I'm fiending to get high :laughing:

    Edit: For reference, I have to smoke a .4 bowl to get high, whereas I vape .2 and I'm at the same level of highness. :wave:
  5. I have the MFLB with the power adapter and bong adapter, and boy it gets me stoned quickly. one milked hit through my bong will get me high. however, I tend to take multiple rips anyway. :cool: a .13 trench will give me about 4 or 5 good, fat hits through the bong, then it's a light brown color and I put it aside to use for edibles.

    on the go, I'll use the original stock batteries. they are low discharge, which means once it's fully charged, it will take months for it to lose it's charge. they last about a trench each, which can be 10 - 12 long, deep hits.
    I could hit it a few times and be high, then put it aide and save it for later, essentially doubling or even tripling how many times I get high.
  6. The mflb is a good starter vape but if your a heavy smoker it might not be as satisfying. I had one for a year but traded it for a bong. I got a Da Buddha a couple months after the mflb and was a lot more satisfied with the experience but the mflb was still great for traveling. Like someone else already said, there were a lot of times I was waiting for batteries to charge so if you get one you should get extra batteries.
  7. i always have to recommend a vapir no2
  8. Thanks for the replies.

    I ended up ordering the walnut MFLB along with the power adapter, bong adapter, 2 extra batteries and an extra glass stem.

    Was supposed to show up in the mail today but it didn't.... fucking pissed about that but what can you do.

    Also going to try to stop smoking cigarettes and start using a e-cig...

  9. Psh, try? You'll never quit with that attitude :p
  10. X2
    I hate the fucking ecig

  11. Once you truly believe you can quit, you can. You put down the cigarettes, throw them in the trash/flush them, and never touch another cigarette again. "One more cigarette" or "tomorrow" will make you want more. :wave:
  12. I'm at the point where my health needs me to quit more I want to quit.... as bad as that sounds

    Going to try and ween myself off with the e-cig. I've tried to quit cold turkey in the past and it just turns me into an asshole. I don't want to put my fiance through that again haha.
  13. First couple hits?
    What vape do you have ?

  14. Cold turkey is the best way IMO, you're still going to have withdrawals weening off. :confused_2:
  15. You're wasting THC when you smoke. Not only does a vaporizer get all the THC at a low temp, but a vaporizer can effectively get every other cannabinoid as well when turned up.

    I use my vape WITH bongs and bubblers, but if you mean compared to smoke, there's no question. I get far more vapor from a small amount of weed than I do smoke. Smoke is a waste in comparison.

    You taste exactly what the weed smells like, as you also vaporize the aromatic terpenes. You don't taste smoke or ash or butane, only dank.

  16. I think you finance would MUCH rather you be a live asshole than a dead nice guy.

  17. Oh so true. And reading my own comments I am a stereotypical addict making excuses haha.

    Hard to quit something you've been doing every day for 10 years... I'll figure out a way

  18. Ok, here's the deal. I smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day for over 20 years. For 5 of those twenty years, I also snorted 3 to 4 grams of coke a week, dropped acid every weekend, put crystal meth in my coffee every morning followed up with a few mini-whites during the day and when I came home, took a Quaalude and smoked a joint to take the edge off.

    I quit ALL of that, all at once...........cold turkey, about 38 years ago. I just woke up one morning and said to myself................ENOUGH !!! I'm DONE with this. And ya know what? When you TRULY make up your mind that you will no longer do this, that it's not a matter of TRYING to quit, but rather making up your mind that you HAVE ALREADY quit, than the rest is just putting up with some minor annoyances for awhile.

    Regarding cigs, this is the way I put up with those minor annoyances. The urge to smoke a cig does not last forever. The urge is fairly short lived but it does repeat itself for awhile. Being that I was born and raised in SoCal, I thought of each of those urges as riding (surfing) a wave. When the urge for a cig came on, I thought, "Ok, here comes the swell. Gonna ride this one all the way to the beach". And then, within a few minutes, the ride was over, the urge was gone................for about an hour. Then it came back. Then I rode it again. For every success that you have riding that wave, the next wave doesn't come as quickly. The rides last as long, but the time between them begin to lengthen, until one day, the ocean turns into a lake.

    And then, on that peaceful lake you can just lay there on your board with this shit eating grin on your face and say, "Wow.......that WAS one helluva ride."

    Like anything else, you can make that journey, any journey, including quitting tobacco, the journey of YOUR choosing. All you have to do is..................choose.
  19. Wow man. I knew some of this but I had no idea. Words of wisdom right here. I already had serious respect for you, but this is quite the story. Love the analogy to the waves.
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    Iwian, this isn't FC...:wave: :(

    But wow.

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