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Thinking about a greenhouse...anyone with experience, your opinion is appreciated

Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by shbbymosh60, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I am very interested in trying my luck with a greenhouse this year. I have been looking online for both pre-built greenhouses as well as plans to make my own.

    I have found this one in town for $100 (the picture I am going to show you says $143.53). I have looked for reviews of this product and cannot seem to find anything.

    If any of you have any opinions on this let me know. It seems to allow plenty of ventilation. I just have no experience with greenhouses and would like a little input from some people that know more than I do on the situation. :D
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  3. Ive been looking to geodesic domes alot lately, if you haven't checked them out you could build a fairly good one for less than 200 and have a sturdy ass structure.
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    What would be the material used to cover that commercial greenhouse? Regardless, I feel like polyethylene wouldn't be much of a step up because it's not the greatest insulation material. The price of buying all those plastic rolls plus wood and pvc for framing would still come close to that $140.
  5. A roll of 500 sq ft of 6 mil plastic at the lumberyards will last as long as the plastic on these cheap kits and only costs about 30$. One year is best for these coverings. You can buy professional greenhouse poly that has a lifespan of three to four years. Once you construct a frame of pipe or 2x4 construction you don't have to make any more large investments each year and would last for decades with only recovering every few years. If you were building a permanent structure, the best polycarbonate glazing costs about $2.50-$3/ sq ft.

    If using poly sheeting and you want to increase the heat retaining properties, use double layers on 2x4 construction, one outside and the other inside, creating a 3 1/2 " dead air space. This same thing can be done on metal frames by using double poly with the space between the sheets inflated with a squirrel cage blower.

    The kits illustrated in the OP are very cheap Chinese junk and would not last in any severe weather situation and would be a pile in the trash heap after a season or two.

  6. hey PW,

    you have any experience with "white grow" polys, the non see-thru kinds? been talking to a few growers who say they have great results..but I'm still skeptical .

    I should start a thread...
  7. thanks for all of the info, blades. I have decided against purchasing this greenhouse, I went to the store and opened the box to see the material for myself. Needless to say, it was not worth the $100. I am going to start working on plans to build one myself. I do not need it until later in the year, so I have time.

    Thanks again for all of the info and opinions.
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    Wharf, for years I grew perennials in two 160' double poly houses. One had 1 clear and 1 white sheet, and the other was glazed with 2 clear poly sheets. I liked growing in the clear house more than the white house in winter and just the opposite in summer.

    The plants stretch slightly more in the white house, but not enough to worry about, hot temps were worse for stretching than the reduced light from the white poly. The thumbnail is my cold frame and has mostly white polycarbonate glazing on top and clear on the sides. I germinate my seedlings and take cuttings in this house, then grow on to the final transplant size in this house.

    The stealth the white provides for our growing, is more than worth it for the small amount of stretch difference between the two coverings. If you have more questions pm me, I will be glad to share my info. I looked up the difference of the light transmission between the clear and white poly sheets and it was 88% clear, 70% white, the polycarbonate panels would probably be similar.


    Edit: Can't get the pics to upload, will try to add later.
  9. right on

  10. How much dry meds is your goal????????????????? That's the starting point. One clone of 5-pounder (chemdawg/g13) goes 7-8' diameter and stands 4'-6' tall. So it wud be a squeeze for you at flower-time, but with that $143.99 + the strain of plant I mentioned, generally$270 per 15" clone, my experience is--u asked for experience--is generally 4 to 5 pounds dry meds. 15% thc. taste: spicy and fruity.
    Also sore hands trimming. The tent u r looking at is a great and easy one for forcing flowering in--an easy one to throw panda film over--white side out--Plant May 1, Veg to June 1, harvest July 27, dry 10 days.
  11. ^^WTF R U smokin?^^^
  12. Whatever it is i need to grow some of that. I've read it a few times and am more confused than i was the 1st time.
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    Wow, 4-5 pounds in 87 days from one plant. This has become the largest harvest ever recorded on GC. I must be doing everything wrong and using inferior plants. No wonder I found it disappointing, averaging only 8-9oz/plant. LOL

  14. I have no Idea how that is possible for a plant to get 4-5 lbs, the most ive ever seen was 1lb off a single plant on another forum


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