think too much when high

Discussion in 'General' started by thomasfork16, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. lately after i blaze ive been thinking way too much about the meaning of life. Like what everyones main goal is to do on their short time living on this earth. what is ur goals in life
  2. i get that way everytime i blaze.

    i often think of what has been on in my mind except 10x more intense and in a psychedelic way haha
  3. happiness

  4. Even though this post is one word, it means the world to me. I hate how society trains us to compete with each other, always wanting more; better car, better house, better spouse, more money. When all we should reach for is simple happiness :smoke:
  5. Yeah man for sure. I used to think of shit like "what do I want to do? What do I want to get".. but then I started to think that shit that I get doesn't matter as much. I could be broke as fuck with no job but if I'm happy and having fun then I'm living a life worth living I guess.

    It's not my place to criticize the goals of others.. But I would go as far as to say that if your goals work towards something than happiness, you're going in the wrong direction.

    Fuckin' bitches is a close second though:cool:

  6. haha fuckin' is still happiness though. people are happy when they get to fuck who they want

    people make goals that they think would make them happy so watever people aim for, it's still actually to become happy
  7. I think people who have those differing goals have lost what happiness truly is. They consider getting money/having things/buying things = happiness, and end up letting it consume them and replace their idea of happiness. I mean to each his own, but happiness is just truly raw emotion, not acquiring paper bank notes.
  8. I don't know if people aim for happiness though. I mean, they might, I'm not them so I could never tell. But I think a lot of people just aim to do what they feel like they're supposed to do. I'm not trying to sound like some ass who's going on how people are sheep and I'm not and all that or anything.. But I do feel like not enough people think "what would really make me happy?" and then go with it if it seems stupid or unusual.

    I may be wrong as fuck though. I'm not in anybody elses head

    But then again, shit, if you think you're supposed to do something bad enough that you actually commit your life to doing it.. You probably still achieve happiness. So it's all good I guess. It just sucks to think people work towards goals that wont make them happy because they expect something else to come from it equally worth happiness, and then they're not satisfied and they can't get that time back.

  9. yea that's definitely true. no matter what material you wanna get, it's all for the purpose of immaterial things.

    the absolute best things about having money though are not the things you get, but the ability to not worry about finances and to have a free lifestyle
  10. To maximize positive effects infinitely inward and infinitely outward
  11. Naw Mogwai I follow exactly what you're saying, it's like they have to set goals just for them to survive/keep running, and they just work through the goals year after year and forget that they live to be happy, not to make sales or buy a Ferrari, etc.

  12. yea it's like chasing an invisible high in a way huh?
  13. Yeah man they're going through the motions but not really living (now thats some deep shit haha)

  14. yea so true, i think it's gotta be like our brains way of saying "QUIT DOING THIS. LIVE LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT TO LIVE IT."

    honestly that's what i heard depression essentially is, a way for your brain to tell you that you are not living life the way you should be living
  15. Why does working hard mean you can't be happy? To be happy, you need to start with the basic necessities of life: food, shelter, security, etc. Need to have money for that..

    If you can be happy in life without working then please let me in on your secret lol. I know money isn't happiness, but neither is being too broke to enjoy life.

  16. yea i get what you mean. I wanna be middle class when i grow up, i want/need some money but not THAT much.

    you feel me?

    i mean, i don't get why people want a million dollars. i wudn't kno what to do with that haha. after a nice ass gaming pc setup and a few ounces of bud, i wudnt kno what to do with it haha

  17. Lol to me happiness is those things.:devious:

  18. I want a milli so i can just live life man. Make a few million. And go live on the beach in jamaica with weed by the pound.

    Then invest some of that cash and make more money. Then use that money to help kids and shit. Like 50,000 could build a good community center. You could get grants to hire good workers.

    And that would help out a LOT of kids ya know? Especially if it has stuff that they are interested in. That alone can keep them off the street. Then they'll come in and donate when they are succesful ya know? And every little bit helps. So it would really pay for itself.

    Its good to make a change in the world that reflects your views you get what i'm saying? Like i don't want too live here and die and never have left a large foot print behind. Like i don't want too be famous. But i just want to change some things for the better. Show some of these dickhead politicians how it is done.

  19. If you're not trolling, then you're proving my point. That's what society has trained us to do.

    and @Lamb, I don't mean that those things can help one achieve happiness, but people now are completely centered on them and think their purpose in life is to just "keep getting and getting" when it's not a bounty of material objects that we need.

  20. yea excellent ideas dude.

    that's great, a lot of people wouldn't have done that.

    I just don't see how one can spend all of it on themselves, that's greedy, but its easy to do in today's world. I mean, you got that one kind of weed that's $1,400 an ounce. wtf

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