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Think of me you guys!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Glimmer40, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. Monday the 11th is the court date for my doggie custody! I fucking hope this is the FINAL & LAST time I see the inside of a courtroom...DIVORCE sucks! & I can't wait for all of this bullshit to be final! Ex even brought up my smoking weed in divorce court & the hippocrit would toke up with me! So he types up this "proposal" for me to pay his ass, $1000 to release his rights to the dog! I wonder what alien came down & replaced his ass? I had to sit down at the lawyers office cause I was laughing so hard! So, think of me you guys...load up a bowl.......lite one up & send me positive energy! I need it!
  2. I'm sending some get the dog karma your way..

    I hope it works!
  3. Hey kiddo hang in there, life deals us alot but never more then we can handle.. You will prevail. Peace and love!! The Pointman from Minnesota.... :)
  4. wuts the dogs name

  5. good luck

    hey im from MN too. boring state eh?
  6. This place is great! His name is "rocky" & he's a male Yorkie & he's about 14 now. I wish I could attach his pic! I call him my "little man". I'm totally into dogs! I don't have human kids so he's my boy.......I lost my other doggie Dec 26, :( She was my Lhasa Aspo girly
  7. Muchos karma for you n the dog, I got a dog myself, so yea.
  8. Good luck!

    Karma---->coming to you
  9. What kind of spiteful bastard sues his ex-wife in court over possession of a 14 yr. old dog? I hope the judges fucks him up good just for wasting the valauble time of the court. This is a sign from god that there are too many lawyers in the USA.
  10. we sold a boxer a few years ago, his name was also rocky....o ya, good luck!!! if you dont win, i will steal it for you.... itl all be ok

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