Think of a random sentence. Go ahead, do it.

Discussion in 'General' started by BuffaloSoldiier, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. I'll start.

    "My grandmother queefed 5 DVD's out of her dilated cock, which owns a carrot. Boner?" said the fat kid shouted.
  2. Who the fuck is Robert Pattinson
  3. Once I found a penny inside a banana, I was so excited that I jizzed in my pants, twice while thinking about cake.
  4. Oh look, a homosexual gazelle is prancing about the neighbor's roof
  5. I snort the nose. Lucifer! Lucifer! Barney!

  6. So would that be called a GAYzelle :laughing:
  7. Sometimes I dream of drinking a monopoly piece, but usually i just masturbate.
  8. I had a poop that looks like Nelson Mandela with a beard but its very good at playing poker..... wow im hungry im gonna eat some people
  9. Woah, that lady just fell into another plane of existance...
  10. I shoved a rectum up my lizard, but sometimes i have them, repeatedly?
  11. Here's the only random sentence I can think of: Fifteen years to life.
  12. When the elephant comes for you, be sure to sneeze on it's neck before you cook it on the grill.
  13. The GEICO insurance agent quietly shat on my carpet while i walked the cleaning lady.
  14. My tires are filled with chocolate.
  15. The refrigerator has an appointment with the podiatrist.

    The pickle wears a yamaka at high noon.

    The the fits hand the glove.

    The Pope pokes smot with Pinnochio in the holy sea
  16. I like to stick my finger into my ice cream and burp, especially when I'm vanilla and gold!

  17. My pencil needs a haircut.
  18. that doesn't smell like chocolate

    the paradigm shifted and the perpetual machine stalled.
  19. Hey let go of my arm,Jesus, it's kind of attached
  20. These blueberries seem to have a fine fuzz

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