think its root rot

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  1. Like the title says but would like a 2nd opinion if possible please. The plant is not showing bad signs other than the root mass is much shorter than the others

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  2. Those roots look good. Relax bro, that's your root runt;)
  3. ok its has alot of "goop" all on it. but i will wait it out then.
  4. Those are some FAT roots! And they look healthy; nice and white.
    Goop sounds bad though; is it slimey?
    If theres any sort of matrix within the roots hanging in the water, I'd try and fix with H2O2.
    If you'd like to prevent/slow down microbial growth, stop de-chlorinating your reservoir
  5. So this should be a better pic of the most goopy spot. It is even starting to turn some roots black andx all my other plants roots are getting black streaks but not goopy. I put probably 3-4oz of h202 in a quart of water and have the worst dunked just in case. I don't wanna burn my roots of but I don't want bacteria to hurt either.
    I just need opinions/2nd ideas or best a solution but I know its not allwas that easy. I have been running a "clean" h202 system from the start but maybe I need to do more. I usally add abou 5ml of 29% h202 per gal. but I just started adding 7 because of this bacteria. Only thing else I run that warns about possible bacteria is Snow Storm Ultra but the h202 should counter act the bacteria

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  6. soak the roots in the H202 solution for about a half hour-hour. while you do this, clean out all of your equipment thoroughly. your water resivour your buckets rest in, your actual resivour, ect. if the fungi is on your roots there are probablly microscopic organisms everywhere. clean out everything that comes in contact with the water that your roots are in. it should do the trick.
  7. I did that the other night now it seems better. I also painted my lids black too incase it was alge
  8. I dont see why painting your lids black would do squat, unless your lids were clear, except promote algal growth.
    Black = absorption = heat.
    You'd need to prevent any light from getting in to stop algal growth.
    If you paint the lid black, but leave the reservoir white, light can still bounce around in the reservoir. I suppose it stops some bouncing of light when it goes back up, but you still have the whole reservoir white. (this is assuming you painted the whole lid, not just the top)
  9. Lids get direct light so the black stops it there, I will do the buckets too but i just know its alot less of a priority. When I do my regular nute change in a few days ill paint the buckets. As far as heat my lids don't touch water nor will it make that much heat.
    Lastly I ended up doing one more super strong peroxide root rinse. Luckily I didn't burn the roots and the gunk has been gone for 2 days no sign of coming back. My plants look great. I will be updating more on a journal I will be starting. I just can't wait to get my tents. 1 4x4 (for my 400w MH) and 1 5x5 for my 1Kw HPS.

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