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Think I quit blazing after today's trip...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by svr_2008, Oct 1, 2010.

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    So it's a normal day. I'm fairly new to the herb, smoked maybe like 20-25 times in total. Today me and 2 friends get the idea to buy a blunt and roll up my .6ish in a blunt and sesh. It's passed in rotation and I take some big deep total I had about 10 hits from the blunt. Anyway we get high I feel fine so far and we go to the mall.

    Now this is where things start to get bad. About 15 mins after blazing we were sitting in the food court eating and drinking some food I bought, and I get this feeling that the high is "too high" I can't really function or do anything due to that "too high" feeling so I put my head down between my arms and just chill like that. A bit after I start feeling even MORE high so I just wanna go somewhere with less people and lie down. Long story short, I went to the public washroom and threw up all my food, sat in the bathroom stall for 2 hours, was sweating like mad, and had the worst feelings ever.

    The feelings were the worst. It's like there were 2 feelings - good and bad. When I was thinking about a good feeling, it felt nice and I was just sitting there. Now, when a bad "thought" randomly crept in every 5 mins I felt like COMPLETE SHIT. I can't really describe it but yeah I kinda felt like I wanted to die. It wasn't anything specific either, just some thought that my brain considered "bad" and it made my entire brain have the worst feeling I've ever had. I was like a drug addict laying in the public washroom stall thinking "no, not a bad though, NOOOO!". TBH I didn't know weed could do that to you.

    Does anyone know if this is normal? I mean I've heard of greening out but those bad thoughts and feelings made me not want to ever take a hit again...

    EDIT: My friends had none of these adverse effects, but they didn't smoke as much. They were REALLY ripped though.
  2. Sounds like you were having a panic attack or something, maybe you were just a lil paranoid if you havent blazed a ton,idk nothing like thats happened to me from smoking
  3. Know your limits
  4. Maybe but that panic attack REALLY mindfucked me. Like those bad thoughts actually felt like my brain was being melted by all the shit it considered bad. I also had these weird ass closed eye hallucinations where deep inside me was an elephant.
  5. You will be okay, just got to smoke less next time. I have puked from getting too high when i first started toking.
  6. hey bro no worries this happened to me i think my 6th time blazing was with a friend who rolled a 2gram blunt we split it so i ended up smokn like a whole gram i i was enjoying it at first kinda nice lil weird then...I just felt like shit like the shit monster crept up from behind and butt fucked me. After i was butt fucked i immediately went to the bathroom where like u said i thew up numerous times. Then i felt like I was burnin up like overheating...I then filled the bath tub ICE COLD. Didnt even bother taking my clothes off just hopped the fuck in made me feel...Better. Fell asleep in their for 20minutes till my smokin buddy finally realized i was gone and found me...Nedless to say took pics and laupghed.:devious: It happens...Just smoke LESS next time. Never happened to me again buuut never smoked a gram to the face since either :rolleyes:
  7. Sounds like you were just in a stressed out environment. The first time i got stoned i was with my sister camping, and it was a nice calm location and it was great. Second time i got just as high and was in the dark raining woods with a friend and freaked the fuck out. Just be sure your in a nice quiet safe spot and you'll be good :smoke:
  8. Oh yeah panic attacks suck can really fuck with your head bad just gotta know it's gonna be all good.
  9. You had a very bad green out. You just got the wrong combination of side effects and your mind couldn't take it. I've been there.

    The good thing is that you likely won't ever feel that way again if you keep smoking regularly. You're brain likely has figured out what went wrong and has corrected it.

    Also, you may have just gotten sick for some other reason and it was an unfortunate time to be high.
  10. Oh wow that's kinda scary how my brain adapts to that if it is true. So the weed tapped into an unknown brain source and released its fury? :eek:
  11. you couldn't handle the tobacco mixed with the weed and got green face. thats all. no reason to quit. it happened to me the first time i smoked a full blunt to myself but i didnt throw up. hasn't happened since
  12. Yes, indeed.

    Also, other things.
  13. Definately a panic attack. You need to get high in a place you feel safe and learn to get past that anxiety stuff before you are going to be smoking that much in public.
  14. actually that sounds great! :smoke:
  15. panick attack, i got one once and the 4 next time i was so scared to get another one that i got another one.. lol so yeah just start again slowly and if you start again just repeat yourself: this is only herb, it will end in no much time and youll get better :)
  16. Think about it this way. Marijuana was just breaking your mind in like a baseball glove. Your tokes are going to be better from now on.
  17. the same thing happened to me, i think i must of done an entire dubsacks worth of gb hits, ate at wendy's in the thing i know i threw up. lol weak shit. anyway i took a week off then couldn't resist smoking just gotta relax and remember that your smoking to relax
  18. maybe u held ya hits in too long (ghosting) and smoked too much. The only times that I've gotten sick is in these cases.
  19. sounds like a panic attack. Idk, never had one before
  20. this happens from time to time.
    after smoking for 2 years, this still happens to me every once in a while, when it happens you really have to tell yourself that you have control and realax, breathe, and just try to act normal. once you put your head down and start letting it take over your going to feel like shit even worse, so when this happens again because eventually it will just chill even know how paranoid you may be and just think to yourself "im all good"

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