Think I need to transplant?

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  1. Okay a little info,
    FFOF soil grow
    FF trio nutes
    about 500W in fluorescent lights (Real Watts)

    My plant (mostly indica/skunk breed) has been in veg for one month. I started in a 1 gallon container and transplanted to a ~1.8 gallon before flowering. I am now almost a week into flowering and I can see roots starting to come out the drainage holes of the pot. The plant is only 8 1/2 inches tall. I thought this container would be sufficient for all of flowering because I don't expect it to surpass 20 inches or so. Do you think I should transplant to a 3 gallon, while it's still in early flowering???
  2. Yes. If you see roots coming out the bottom of the current pot, then you should transplant. You still have about 2 months of flowering ahead of you and it's only going to get bigger and grow more roots so be prepared!
  3. i think the height of the pot is more important than the volume

    i love using the home depot 5gal buckets. nice and tall and still holds plenty of soil.

    also allows easier control of the runoff water

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