Think I like this girl that lives close to me...

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    Problem is.... she may or may not have a boyfriend...

    My friend introduced me to her and said the guy she lives with is her boyfriend....but I did a little snooping and found her fb profile (is this creepy? lol) and it said she was single...but she has a picture with him in her and they are holding each other...(but it isn't default picture)

    I have only been there twice but both times she is really nice and is saying I should come over anytime...I showed up at her house without saying anything to her(I don't have a cell phone and don't have her number) and she was fine with it and said she likes it when people just show up...

    So it's kinda late, like 10:30ish and I head over to her house with a bag of brownie mix in hand :D But the guy opened the door....and he was video chatting with his mom in his boxers (which I thought was kinda strange) ...
    ..So I just asked him if he wanted to eat the brownies with me(so it didnt seem like im coming for the girl), he said he was going to go to bed soon but to come over the next day, so I just said have a good night and left...

    But anyways my real question is.... is she dating this guy and flirting with me or is she single? And if she is single... then she was with this guy pretty recently ..I feel weird going in there to see his ex gf...(if that's the case)

    Oh and i'm probably overthinking this but it would suck if I did something with this girl and found out she was dating that guy. Also if it makes a difference....this girl is my new dealer (SHE HOOKS ME UP PHAT!!)

    EDIT:Oh yeah I almost forgot, the first time I went over....when I left she gave me a hug...but it wasn't a normal hug, she moved one of her arms down to my lower back and just rubbed it(felt good son).... I'm pretty sure that's flirting right?
  2. sounds confusing just ask her straight up.
  3. haven't been laid in awhile OP? :p If she lives with the dude, scope the numer of bedrooms/roommates. If it's a 1 bedroom, then they are bangin on the regular and sleep together for sure. 2+ bedroom means it's more friends with benefits or the aforementioned. Either way, that guy is most likely pounding, but it doesn't hurt to ask her.
  4. It's hard to trust what people actually post on FB.

    Honestly I haven't even changed my status to "in a relationship" and neither has he, and we have been together for 3 years! Hell his status is still "complicated" and there isn't a single complicated thing about our relationship haha.
    But that's why it would be a safe bet to just ask her.

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