think i could sue the police??

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  1. ok, so 2 days ago i was pulled over in white oak (nice kinda neighborhood) coming from duquesne (hood) but i wasnt coming from there because i jus copped dope, i was coming back from the waterfront (big plaza type thing with stores n shit), although the reason i was comin from the waterfront is because my boy was tryin to buy hollowtip bullets with a bad check to trade for dope.

    so i was drivin down this road, which is a pretty heavily traveled road, i wouldnt necessarily call it a highway but u know.. and as i'm driving i see a cop a few cars back n i say to don "theres a cop a couple cars back, seatbelts". now i know the cop didnt see me put our seatbelts on cuz there were a few cars blockin his view of us, and then all of those cars got out of the way (fuckin pussy ass motherfuckers!). so the cop is behind me n i'm lookin in my rearview, n i see him talk into his radio, then the lights and sirens start goin. i'm like "what the fuck?! i didnt even do anything" so i pull over into a small parking lot.

    so mr. piggy walks up to the car n asks for my license and registration, i give it to him, and then he asks don "what about you do u got ID?" "yea" "ok give it to me" so he reaches in his pocket to grab his ID and all of a sudden my passenger door gets yanked open and another cop grabs him like he's about to yank him out of the car. he's like "whoa dude i'm just getting my ID he asked for it!" n the cop was like "oh sorry, i seen you reachin in your pockets n it made me nervous, alota crazy people out there". i ask the cop "may i ask why i've been pulled over sir?" n his response was "i'll explain that to you later"

    so they ask don to "step out of the car" and they pat him down, search through his pockets n shit "any weapons or drugs or anything thats gonna poke me?" "no sir" so then they have him go to the back of the car "alright jesse step out of the car" and he pats me down n goes through all my pockets n shit. same question. and then he tells me to go to the back of the car over by don, and he opens my door and starts searching the car, then goes over to the other side n searches over there. then he asks me "have you ever been arrested before?" "yea" "for what" "retail theft and underage drinking" "what about you" "yea, drugs". cop asks us "do you guys do drugs?" i say "no not anymore, i used to do heroin but i've been clean for a little over a year now, thats actually how me and him met we go to NA meetings" and don says "yea, i've been clean for 5 months now"

    then the cop says "well the reason i asked you this is because i found some paraphenelia relating to heroin in your car" to which i ask "like what, a needle?" "no, just some rubber bands"..........................

    what? how the fuck are rubber bands drug paraphenelia, i could see if he found like a syringe cap or something and rubber bands, but just rubber bands? thats like searching a car and finding a box of sandwich bags and sayin "your under arrest for conspiring to sell drugs"

    so then the cop goes a step further, takes my keys out of the ignition and opens up my trunk and starts searching in there.. last time i checked you need a search warrant or my written consent to search LOCKED trunk of a car. doesnt find anything in there.

    so then he tells us to have a seat back in the car, but before i do that he goes "is this your cell phone?" "yea" "ok" n he picks it up. while i'm sittin in my car i look in my rearview and the cop is looking through my phone (pretty sure you need a warrant to go through my private information like that as well) and then calls me back out of the car and asks "whose Q" "one of my buddies" "dont bullshit me i know who Q is, i know the number and everything"

    so he asks me how much money i have n i say "10 bucks" n hes like "10 bucks!? what the hell were you gonna buy with 10 bucks!?" n i say "i wasnt gonna buy anything, the reason we went to the waterfront is to buy somethin with a check to trade" and then his dickhead pig buddy is like "well we could arrest him and take him to the station and do a strip search, he probably got a bundle in his underwear" to which i respond "yea, if u could actually arrest me" and the cop was like "well all we can do is give you a citation for the drug paraphenelia" n i said "ok" but he never gave me a citation, and he never explained why he pulled me over in the first place

    pulling me over without just cause, illegal search without probable cause, searching my trunk without a warrant, harassment.. think i got a case?
  2. Yeah, you could .. Consult a lawyer man.

    Good luck gettin off that heroin without wanting to kill yourself for a long time. And probably ending up homeless or some shit, or in prison. IMHO Anyone who does H is fucking ignorant.
    Lol I say shit like this every time you make a thread and post a fucking novel. Every time it's something bad that happened to you and it has to do with heroin... Make the connection? :rolleyes::rolleyes::confused::rolleyes:
  3. well it didnt really have to do with heroin, the cop pulled me over for no reason, i mean i could have been coming from the waterfront without doing heroin, the cop searched me before he even knew that i did any drugs, and even if i quit a month ago those rubber bands still woulda been in my car
  4. fuckin buyin hallowtip bullets with a bad check? who the fuck thinks this is a good idea? What thought process needs to be enacted to decide these kinds of thigns? what the fuck is wrong with you guys?

    regardless, just be happy you got off and forget about it. You knwo you aren't gonna go through with it anyways
  5. Fuck yes you can. When you ask them why you've been pulled over they have to respond. I was in court once and saw a case thrown out for this shit (I do court watch btw)

  6. not necessarily a bad check, it was dudes check, he just didnt have money in his account
  7. ...uuuh....that's a bad check
  8. the cops pulled you over coz you were two young guys and that fits the profile of drug users. I don't know what kind of car you were driving or how you were dressed but I'll bet you didn't look like a soccer mom driving her kids home.

    You should always remember these three lines:
    Officer, I do not consent to any searches.
    Officer, am I free to go?
    Officer, I have nothing to say until I speak with my lawyer.

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  9. a cops word is gold in court.

    you take him to civil court, not criminal, and then he straight out lies,

    you just lost all that money you spent on the lawyer.

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  11. yeah you let them search you and your car, and you didn't tell them they couldn't. So since you didn't tell them no and they already did it, what's done is done. And since you didnt get a ticket or anything you can't really argue an unjust stop and search, because there are no charges to drop. Next time tell them no from the beginning, and if they still do it then you have yourself a case I'm sure.

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