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Things you done to avoid getting caught?!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by aidencl, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. Have you had a close call?, whats the craziness thing you done to, avoid detection, post your story's here.
    ill start: once my homie and i were toking at a park and were baked!!! So were walking back to the cat night and we see these cops checkin out our car in the parkinglot, so thinking fast we hold hands =p needless to say cop saw us turned around and walked away. kinda weird but worth it not to get questiond
  2. Lmao, every night I wait until about 12 at midnight to go smoke. I then spray myself/room/clothes with body spray and pretty much run a full detox lol. Last thing I want is to get caught.
  3. Iv never had to worry about getting caught.
  4. no cops? no coworkers? nothing? everyones got at least one good story!
  5. Had to worry about getting caught up untill recently. It was ridiculous. Sometimes i had to open my drawer and just throw an unfinished joint in there, only later to realize that it was just my mom goin to bathroom or some other bullshit. Imagine picking up ground weed from all your clothes. WORST SHIT EVER!!!

    But no, once my mom walked in, and not knowing what to do i ATE A BUD!! the stupidest thing ive ever done, because as soon as she left i realized i had nothing to smoke that night. EPIC FAIL (facepalm)

  6. hahahaha tht sucks XD

    i usually just wash my hands twice, rinse out my mouth, gargle then change shirts.
    only close calls i had were when I toked in my room or my bathroom. fuckin fan doesnt do shit DX

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