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Things to mix with weed in a joint.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by amdjobob, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Finally thinking about finally cutting out as much tobacco as I can mainly cigarettes, realized that joints help me a lot with the withdrawals and craving of smoking a thing like a cig but its a waste of money to burn a whole joint or to stamp it out. What else could I mix in my bud that's smoke-able and safe? I've cut the majority of my cig smoking with vaping but I still cant stop myself from smoking a 2-3 cigs a day unless I smoke a joint.
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  2. why mix anything with it?

    You dont mix anything with it when you pack a bong do you?
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  3. so you’re saying you can’t burn moonrocks?
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  4. lmao what

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  5. True, but a bong packs at most .5 through most bowls a joint I roll is about 1.5-2gs If only I was wiz I could do that all day everyday. I guess I could just tear off some paper and make a pinner.

  6. You can do that everyday find yourself a better plug or grow yourself:smoking:
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  7. I have no idea how much a cone takes. I roll my own joints and i roll em to share. Just roll pinner's
  8. Weed. Mix it with weed.
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  9. Things to mix in with weed for joints:

    1. Kief
    2. Dab, wax or shatter
    3. Hashish
    4. Tobacco
    5. Kinnickkinnick

    Things NOT to mix in with weed for joints:

    1. Mustard
    2. Beer
    3. Kitty litter
    4. Earthworms
    5. Coffee
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  10. You can buy cbd hemp buds and shake that burns just the same as normal weed but its minimum thc levels. Taste might be abit funny though

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  11. Use a crutch, maybe roll smaller ones to spread your weed out more
  12. Spearmint, Damiana, Mint many different herbs you can mix with weed to make it last longer and give it a different taste.
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  13. I've used catnip before, and lavender. I once rolled a joint with catnip leaves, like good cigars, for shits and giggles.
  14. I hate when people don't try to help you.... OP LISTEN UP!!! I assume you just are used to SEVERAL cigs a day so in order to remain smoking a bit more often and not kill a bunch of weed you want to spliff your joints and make them burn longer. A good way to do that is to invest in hemp wraps (blunts). You can find a box of 25 packs that hold 4 wraps each for less than 25 bucks. (That's like 25 cents per wrap and they are huge) Sometimes they come assorted in flavors. I would shoot for a plain flavor but if you grind up a good amount of that you will be safe. It's the same material in raw papers but it's toasted and thicker so you can grind it up and lace your joint with it... out of 100 wraps you can smoke like 300 joints depending on how much hemp you like in it

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  15. Never new they made that... are you talking about legalbuds? Or do they make hemp cbd buds?

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