things to get that will help growing in a fridge????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by top secret, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. what kinds of things can i get that rnt to expensive to make it so the plants wont use up all the important gases and shit and what should i do about ventilation???? plz help
  2. There is a built in fan in the bottom of the fridge, I would guess you would need to cut some baffled holes in the top for exhaust. I've concidered it before, because it is already so white inside, easy to clean, with built-in fan and drainage. Perhaps I would use a fully functional fridge, so I could provide some cooling during excessive heat. Otherwise, a top freezer compartment would be a good place to put a package of dry ice...Anyway, can't think of any reasons to not try it! Good luck, eg
  3. cut some holes in the back near the top, put a ex fan or 2 up ther 2 suk the bad air out and keep temps down. dont 4get the oles near the bottom 2 let more gud air in.

    my old fridge must b a rite cheep un cus it dont have a fan on/in it any wer

    gud luk wit the grow

  4. Cos we're low tech Britain. I'm betting it doesn't make crushed ice either!

  5. nope just a mad whirin and bangin sound when its tryin to stop me milk goin manky.

    think its about time it got the grow box treatment. i wonder how many fridges i cud have in my place b4 it starts to look sus?

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