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things to do when stoned alone ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by burped, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Besides the obvious of listening to music and watching movies, what other things r fun or nice to do when stoned ? I lovee getting stoned at around midnight, so nothing like chil with friends lol.
  2. Masturbate.

    Walk around outside, play video games (what ever you like). Go to a chill spot and sit and think. Complete school work.
  3. watch superjail

    [ame=]YouTube - SuperJail! Season 2 Episode 2- Mayhem Donor[/ame]
  4. xbox mang
  5. Go to Subway > Chicken Bacon Ranch (extra cheese and bacon).
  6. smoke more weed
  7. Sometimes I like to cook and create an awesome meal and then proceed to watch a show or listen to some music. I'd also like take a walk if I weren't so paranoid. :rolleyes:

  8. Ehhh school work is a bust when your high, on weed at least, uppers.. 'nother story
  9. I love fiddling around on the guitar or piano while stoned. I'm not too good at either instrument(yet) but I've spaced out for hours just playing nice chord progressions and whatnot.

    And you can't go wrong with cartoons. :)
  10. political documentaries and old school video games are great when getting high. bout to play some donkey kong country.
  11. Pound your pud.
  12. Whatever you NORMALY do alone! Because when you're high... you'll like it 5X more! Lol me.... I like to play Retro video games... walk.... and personally I LOVE to challenge myself when I'm high! Like... I like to go strait up to my mom and just talk to her! Lol of course before I use eyedrops chew gum and wash my hands first! Lol but yeah
  13. Play with Legos.
  14. Fishing is probably my favorite thing to do high. So relaxing.
  15. Draw with colored markers or pencils. Sometimes I look at something I drew while high the next day and like what I see.
  16. fuck, i just sit up (in bed or couch), relax and close my eyes. depending if what i smoked was dank or not, i feel like i'm doing backflips and see some super tight visuals in my head. the visuals are enhanced by listening to some jams.
  17. anything you want.. because your alone

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