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Things to avoid regarding pipes of all kinds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wababuds, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Such as, a small-bottomed water pipe. They knock over so easily, it's amazing any get sold at all. The best way to go is a well-flattened bottom, preferably something that is proportional height-wise, because a huge amount of colored water on your carpet can be a huge pain to get out, especially for those of us who live in apartments.

    By the by- one of the best items to always have around, 91% ethanol rubbing alcohol, available at W*lm*rt, it not only gets resin off of your fingers, it cleans pipes easily and if you leave it in a bowl, all of it evaporates out within a few days and leaves you back-up smokable. This is also ideal for killing many plant ailments, as it dehydrates many bugs, mold, etc, but evaporates quickly enough to leave living plants unharmed.
  2. That was just one thing, not things (plural).

    You should also avoid pipes with holes in them.

  3. Fred STRIKES AGAIN! This time with a /post
  4. You should always look at what your going to buy pretty closely just to make sure it'll work well. Just got an inline ashcatcher the other day and I thought it'd be cool to get the one that was 'fatter' than all the others. Didn't realize until I got home that it being fatter means that the water won't cover all the diffuser slits unless the thing is perfectly up and down, which is sorta annoying for me. And then after you hit it some of the water goes into another part of it, and you have to pour the water back over the diffuser..kinda annoying. Wish I'd just thought about it more and gotten a regular sized one lol.
  5. jesus fucking christ no wonder you have neg rep, your posts suck, and you have 3 links to the same retarded thread in your sig.

    Anyway, more things to avoid: Impulse buying.

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