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Things that the Teenage Bedroom-Smoker should have

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Cannabis, Jan 8, 2009.

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    Here are somethings that people can use to help remove the odor of bud.

    1. Renuzit: Super Odor Eliminator- It works great. Just put it somewhere in the room and it does its job overtime and It is really well at making our room not smell like you smoke bud in there everynight. They last about a month


    2. Lysol Neutra-air spray These are good because they are cheap and contain allot of spray and lasts a while. Just spray the room with it and it kills odors immediatly.


    3. Ionic Air Purifier Wall Plugin. I had one in my bathroom when I lived with my parents, and I would box it a couple times a day when I was home. I would just have the Plugin and the Neutra air and that bathroom never smelled.
    You can also use the scented wall plugins.


    Smoke Weed :smoking::smoking:
  2. This thread was ALMOST good but you need to add to it.
  3. I will I have a bunch of threads
  4. Congrats on such a worthless thread....

  5. Nah give him a chance. I think it will go somewhere. Add more on how NOT to get caught ect ect ect....
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    in my experience, that lysol is a poor odor neutralizer because it has an unpleasant smell and lingers very long. im not sure what brand i use, but it says "wizard" on it, and the smell is subtle, somewhat pleasant and dissipates verry quickly.

    beyond that, the air purifier is nifty, but how much does it cost? i wouldnt say its a necessity.

    imo, the purifier ought to be substituted with a sploof. fans are always a plus, blowing into the back of them so the smoke is sent shooting out, preferably towards an open window

    and then theres always the towel along the bottom of the door, but if the above are used, thats not really necessary.

    a vaporizer is more helpful, because vapor produces a significantly less pungent odor.

    zero (ghost; hold it in as long as you can) every hit, and kill the flame after every hit, too.

    that's what i do. this should possibly be stickied, because today i've already had to answer this EXACT same fucking question with virtually the same answer to like three other people.
  7. I do it in my room and then ask my mom if she wants any, but she still hasn't said yes.
  8. just put a fan in your window blowing air IN the room. Smell of weed will be gone within 10 minutes of smoking.
  9. The 100% garunteed method of smoking in your room

    1. light incense
    2. smoke bud
    3. blow smoke out window
    5. spray fabreeze

    Done. works every single time.

  10. Yea my parents werent stupid, If I burnt incense they knew I was smoking
  11. my fan technique is better, is in effect as we speak...
  12. get an air purifyer, the ionic ones hepa ones whatever they all work but theylls run u like 30-60$
  13. Wouldn't it make more sense to keep the fan in the window blowing out. That's what I do and the room doesn't even smell while I'm smoking. All the smoke gets sucked out of the room instantly. When the fan is blowing air in, then the smoke has to find a place to go...outside your room and through the vents or into the hallway.
  14. yea you need to add more to it. But i think Ozium works much better. Its almost known for covering up weed smoke.
  15. Ozium is the best out there in the buisness when it comes to de-stinking the place, also, I would advice a small fan in the window, to blow smoke out of, a couple chairs, some good tunes, a chillaxed enviroment, buddah, and a few dif ways to smoke, I.e Bong, papers, spoon, bubbler.
  16. Well the fans an Obvious thing I posted other stuff about bathroom smoking and other stuff
  17. add the good advice to the thread you dick.
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    why in the room?

    why blow the fan into the room....
  19. step outside....

  20. Wow your parents sound like they be creepin'. Tell them to get some respect, and start burning it on the regular. Incense shouldn't be associated with smoking, that's fucking dumb.:mad:

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