things that are awesome

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  1. when the grocery store is crowded and a clerk opens up a new lane and your first.

    i thought we could compile a whole thread of awesome things.
  2. Things that are awesome:

    My dick.
  3. The Hoff, this pic & an invisible sweet ass blues air guitar solo.

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  4. Starbursts
    Sour Skittles
    Fast Foreign Cars
  5. Captain Morgans Spiced Rum
    taking a shit when you really need to
    taking a piss when you really need to
    eating food when you are really hungry
    ones favorite song
  6. blue planet
    finding money
    milk and oreos
    fail videos on
    my girl's booty:hello:
  7. Vagina.

  8. A cold glass of strawberrie- kiwi crystal light
    making all the green lights on a busy road
    finding money you forgot you had
  9. That's a double edged sword my friend.
  10. -winning at beer pong and holding down the table the entire night :hello:
    -bob marley
    -wake and bakes:smoking:
    -flip flops

    haha what a weird list im stowned

    Laying in the grass and staring up at the clouds, the blue sky, blunt in hand

    The feeling after you have paid all your bills on time

    Hanging out with your dog - no leash
  12. when your dealer says he'll call you back in an hour and actually does.
  13. money
    glass pipes & bongs
    and this thread
  14. that's so not worth jail time

  15. Word.
  16. ...when you've been on a family vacation for a week. You get home from the airport at midnight, go downstairs, and smoke a bowl.... Truly awesome.


    -A huge glass of water after yardwork, cleaning the car, or anything that drains you

    -White Castle - after a long adventure involving cheetah's, princeton, the Xtreme crowd, broken laptops and hang-gliding (aka - getting exactly what your heart desires exactly when it desires it, after putting in lots of effort to get it)

    -finishing a good book
  17. oh and this.


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