Things that annoy you when your high

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  1. We all have pet peeves but there are just some things that only bother me when I'm high. Example- I never really notice the sounds people make when they eat when I'm sober... But when I'm stoned I hear every FUCKIN crunch and lip smack. The shit is really irritating😒. What's yours?
  2. I fucking hate when i just smoked up and someone who is anti-weed just butts in my business asking me stupid questions then eventually just goes on a rant on how marijuana will make you brain dead and give you lung cancer. Especially when they drink alcohol and find nothing wrong with that. i just go on a rant on how much of a Hippocratic person they are and tell them to mind there own fucking business.
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    Absolutely nothing. That's my favorite part.
  4. Slow loading porn sites
  5. When you start to hear things lol.
  6. when my dogs have to bark at every little ting that goes on outside.  
    raises my paranoia levels quite a bit.
  7. Same as other dude said when motherfuckers gotta bitch at you cuz your high this one girl always used to be like your do stupid you are high all time I'm like bitch if I'm so stupid cuz I'm high alit of the time why you always wanna come hang out then I took a big ass rip outa the bowl and said fuck wit me and walked away lol
  8. People who aren't high and feel the need to say shit like what's that smell or are you high in a judgemental tone

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  9. People who non stop talk when your stoned and your just tryna chiiillll out .. shutup n hit the blunt!

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  10. When I first started toking, I was eating ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME.
    It wasn't pretty.
    I've gotten more used to it and chill a bit more.  I stress-eat and that might have been part of it.
    But on to my biggest pet peeve so far, and that is short-term memory loss.  Completely sober I forget everyday words all the time and meanwhile remember very specific and technical ones.  It's like there's a limited capacity and my brain is pushing out older less-used words like how libraries recall their books to make room for new ones.  It's really hard to articulate what I want to say when I want to say it when I'm completely sober.  It's mentally painful, like the tip of your tongue sort of thing, many many times a day.
    The few times so far I've gotten really high, depending on the strain, I forget my train of thought about every 5 seconds.  I also constantly worry about losing my train of thought mid-sentence because it's embarrassing to me, and then I actually do forget what I was talking about.  Rinse. Repeat.
  11. I just realized this is a thread about pet peeves of yours when you're high.
    Dare I say it?
    Pot Peevesâ„¢
    It's ok to hate me.   :laughing:
  12. When people endlessly talk, and talk.

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  13.  I always feel like I have supersonic hearing.
  14. When people talk for hours and hours about stupid shit nobody else cares about.
    Or when someone has to announce every half hour.. "Dude I'm so high. Dude I'm high as shit. I am so stoned"
    Okay we fucking get it we are all stoned dumbass we just smoked a blunt. You don't have to tell me. Seems like all of the people I smoke with are like that^ and it's annoying as shit.
  15. Aggressive behavior freaks me the fuck out. Absolutely despise it.
  16. When you smoke with someone else and they act really stupid.

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  17. I'm the opposite, I feel embarrassed about it and would never admit I'm stoned or drunk.

    OK, USA
    Current Crops

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    This lol my dogs do that all the time 2 its annoying.
  20. Reality

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