things have turned on me please help!

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  1. so heres the info soil grow. mix of ffof and top soil five gallon pots temps range from 82-84 ventillation issues rh 30-40 depending on rain. strain is church other is greenhouse mystery seed anyone knows possible strain of one titled mystery i'd appreciate it. anyway back to everything else tiger bloom big bloom grow big nutes every other watering. church has also had a teaspoon to a gallon of molasses one time last watering. that is when the problems started before then was all green no yellow. some of the leaves that are still green have a brown spot at point where they all start not at stem but where stem and leaf meet . have attached several pictures of all that is going on have looked at sick plants sticky and am at a loss as to what deficiency is so please help if i have left anything out let me know and i will fill in blanks.

    Thanks in advance
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  2. bump where are all the veterans at? lbh Asked anyone gonna venture to help!
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  3. Hi there, hard to tell from the pics but looks like a P def perhaps. Coupla questions...

    Can you break down your nute mix (how much of each)?

    How far into flowering are they?

    Is your ph OK?
  4. Can you break down your nute mix (how much of each)? following fox farm schedule

    How far into flowering are they? the yellowing plants are 4wks 1day today

    Is your ph OK? ph is 6.0 upped it since reading your post 6.3- 6.5

    what shall i do to correct the deficiency?

  5. i think so to p def better move fast

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