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Cancer Things have changed..for the good

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SamCooper, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Smoked a lot in my teens through early 20's. Stopped for nearly 2 decades then started up again. Then a heart attack had me stop once more. I recently have been smoking again to combat nausea due to chemo. I have a medical marijuana card, and I can't believe how things have changed. Never had variety back in the day, had to take what you could get. Between the 4 dispensaries near me I have a choice of over 100 strains.

    The first strain I smoked was Northern Lights. Very nice high, easy to handle. The next day I tried Frosted Oranges. I must have done a large bong hit because I got way to high way to quickly. It was almost like I was tripping. As they day went on it got better and I smoked smaller hits and the high was fine.

    Marijuana is sure expensive through a dispensary but it is way stronger than I remember.
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  2. And if you live in the right place, you can grow it for nearly nothing, in comparison.
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  3. I wish I can handle a small grow. We can't keep plastic plants alive in my house.
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  4. I'm sorry the chemo did this. Do you know about taking cannabis oil instead of chemo? If not, I can pass on some great info to you.
  5. If you were around me, I would grow some plant(s) for you. Seriously. No Charge. Fuck profit. Cancer hits a certain "nerve" with me cuz of my Dad. So, it's one of those things, as I have gotten older. Fuck, give it away. These people need it. I hope you kick your Cancer's ass.

    People need to be nicer and more compassionate to each other. It would SOLVE so many of our world's problems.
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  6. It can be quite stronger nowadays. Though keep in mind that marijuana contains also negative effects when used. I read on some article that it helps the cancers cells grow which is something you don't want to experience. However, not so sure but you are smoking it so negative effects are 100% guaranteed.

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