Things are looking up, but still need more help (pics this time!)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tuffluck, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. Ok so I took the suggestion of this board, and decided that for whatever reason the 250w hps was not being very helpful as my main source of light this early on.

    I went out and bought 3 of thoe 150 watt spiral flourescents (2700lumens apeice), and Put one on each plant.

    I have not used the 250w hps for past 1.5 weeks.

    Things are looking up in some respects and still having troulbe in others.

    The good: There has been ALOT of vegetative growth these past 2 weeks or so. They are really starting to branch out, I can see new growth almost everyday. Nothing spectacular but WAY better than before.


    1) All my plants appear to have stopped growing in height for the most part (They weren't really growing in heigh under the hps anyway). They are slowly growing in th height as they veg out, but that is about it. They are about the same height now as they were 2 weeks ago.

    They pretty much all grew the height they are at in the first week or so, and then stopped at that height. I don't get it.

    2) Plant 1 (w1.jpg 4 weeks old) Is the best of the lot and also my first. It looks healthy its lush, green, and veging. Smells friggen fantastic and skunky.

    3) Plant 2 (w2.jpg 3 weeks old) Has a couple problems. I just transplated it last night. It was fairly root bound in a plastic cup (Roots has circled around the bottom a few times). You can see that some of the leaves have foled upwards (I am hoping this was because of the root problem, and will not go away, but you can also notice that discolored spot. I am sure some of you can ID the problem there, hopefully.

    4) Plant 3 (W3.jpg 2.5 weeks old) leaves became fairly twisted about 2 weeks ago. They have not corrected themselves yet. Also there is a bit of curling on some of the leaves downward. Also the new growth is looking slightly deformed imo. Any help here? It seems to be spacing its vegetation out nicely (Better than my others which are very clumped up).

    5) Plant 4 (w4.jpg 2 weeks old) is doing "fairly" well. Its tall and firm, but the leaves have turned very pale green / yellow, and the first set of leaves are starting to curl! Rawr. Any help here?

    6) Plant 5 (w5.jpg 2 weeks old) is a completely retarded plant. It germinated without those first 2 little leaflets. And have ever since been on a retarded state of growth. I don't expect anything out of this plant really. I keep it alive out of pity. My feels are if it ever even yeilds just an eigth it will be worth it. I don't really expect you all to help me out on this one...As I don't think theres much I can do lol.

    7) My grown room (w6.jpg) its 4.5 feet tall, and 2x2 at the base. At the very Top I have a 250w HPS which I have kept turned off ofr the past 2 weeks. I am not sure if it keeps things to warm or what, but hopefully when these guys get a little older they will be able to tolerate it more (That is my hope anyway).

    Any help/suggestions/comments are welcome. I really want my first grow to be fruitful and successful. I have been w/o MJ for 3 months, and I don't see any break in my dry spell. These little fellows are my only hope, and I worry about them very much!


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  7. That was probably a very good choice. Yet your plants still seem to be struggling, at two weeks they should be more developed. I don't even see branching or proper development. Here's why mine look like at 2 and a half weeks.


    I will be going to 400W HPS in a little while.

    Any improvement, is essential at this stage :) as I am sure you know, it's fun seeing them grow. It's a treat to wake up and gaze at them in the morning. Growing is more addictive then the actual smoking of pot.

    Well possibly you could have stressed it. Give it time hopefully they will recover. A lot can change over a matter of 1 day when they are this young. Hell a lot can change at any age in one day.

    They are already smelling, I find that a bit fishy... They don't start smelling until just before flowering usualy. But hey it's your plant you would know. My plant at around the same age that isn't doing too good. It looks a lot like yours in a sense. This one almost looks light deprived with it's height compared to growth. But that just doesn't seem possible. As well, the leaves are very droopy. No energy :S.
    It's almost dead though.

    Actualy this one doesn't look too bad. Although I don't see no "up" growth, at least it has propper vegitation.

    That's deffinitely an odd looking plant, but the vegitation looks to be normal and even.

    You may be watering it too much, or a light defficiency.

    Well I don't know what I can tell you about this one. Quite odd. Bad genetics with that single seed may have been your problem. Never destined to be the prime plant you want it to be.

    When they get older, they will more then tolerate your light, they will love it. They are just too fragile at this age. I am not too sure what your problem is. My main guess is that you are keeping your fluoro's too far away from your plants. Unlike the HID lights, you wanna keep them around 4-6 inches away max. You might also be giving them too much water. But that's just a guess. I am curious to what your soil mixture is as well. Care to elaborate? :) Good luck on your grow. A bit odd, they should be bigger at this age, but hopefully time will be gentle and nice to you and they will recover and thrive. Good luck mah friend.
  8. Lets see...My lights are fairly centered over the plants, and yes I did change them to be off centered for the photo so they didn't block the plant :p

    I usually stick my finger in about 2 inches deep and if its dry I water....Is this wrong? It usually takes aobut 3-4 days for it to dry to that point. Should I be waiting longer? Do you think its still wet farther down where the main root system is?

    I give them a 15-20-15 solution of your basic plant food. Its like 1 teaspoon per gallon. I usually give them about a cupfull every 7-10 days.

    The soil is just basic walmart potting soil, And I have mixed in a good deal of pearlite into it. I would say 3/4 is soil with 1/4 pearlite. Maybe even 2/3 soil 1/3 pearlite.

    I know something is wrong...I just don't know what :(

    And the little one #1 is definately getting skunky There is just no doubt about it.
  9. those plants are burnt. so this means at 2 weaks youve nuted twice? they dont need it. this is one of the most common newb mistakes. those little tear drop shaped leafs you see are all the plants needs for atleast 2 weeks. youve done right by diluting the solution, but i think you jumped to quick with it. the walmart soil you have, does it contain any type of slow release ferts? youre watering schedule sounds fine. at 14 days this is what my seedling looked like under 26watts of cfl.

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  10. No, the 4 week plant has nutrients twice.

    The 3 week only once so far.

    The other 3 haven't had any at all yet.
  11. Also no offense to anyone that has responded, I thank you all for your help but I am getting very conflicting answers here.

    So far I have,

    1) give them a major (N) fertilizer boost
    2) I have over nutriented them
    3) I have over watered them
    4) I have been watering just fine

    I am not quiet sure of what tactic to try next. The oldest (first photo) is almost 4 weeks old. I know it should be FAR more developed than it is. Its not, and thats ok. But I would like to hear a consensus on what my next steps should be...

    Thank you all again. I am just confused as to what my actual problem is, and what I can do to right the situation!

  12. I believe you want a higher N ratio in vegitative state as compared to P and K, for example 12-0-0 with blood meal... They also don't need fertilizer just yet, give it a while...
  13. take a look at some of those leaves, i cant remember the picture number, the curled leaf normally indicates over nute. look at the plant abuse chart. it looks familiar to me, because ive done it to plants at later stages. any of your plants that are over 3 weeks can have a small dose of nutes, anything under does not need it. you can have a lockout. i would check the pH of that soil if possible, also you never did tell us what type of soil it was from walmart. they carry a wide range of shit soil, sorry about that but its kinda true.
  14. and you def want a high N value type fert as Swaenk said. youre actually using a flowering fert...
  15. Soil is Expert Gardener: Perfect Mix All Purpose Potting Soil

    It has:

    1) Fast RElease Plant Food
    2) Slow Releas Colorcote Plant Food
    3) "Beneficial" Micronutrients
  16. well, theirs your problem, its the soil youre using. mj hates slow release or even fast release nutes in the soil. its eating your plants up, the soil is not good for your seedlings. you can try to flush out all the slow release ferts, or try to repot into something that doesnt have that crap in it.

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