Things are Finally looking up for me...

Discussion in 'General' started by new buddy, May 17, 2010.

  1. For a while there were so many things going bad in my life within the last 2 years. there were times that I literally thought I would never get out of the suffering and problems that I was having. I was contemplating suicide on a daily basis.

    Now things are getting so much better and looking up for a change which I'm ecstatic about. Life is good and I just wanted to share this somewhere, so I shared it here. sorry if i wasted your time with this. :p
  2. Good to hear man :wave:
  3. How so? Some details would be nice. Good to hear though :D
  4. Glad to hear things are shaping up man, hang in there!
  5. I'm completely unhappy. How'd your life change?
  6. I was going to add some details, but it's WAY to long to write in here I'll give the less important things that won't require an in depth explanation.

    -Mom was dying
    -Had no friends
    -No Relationships as a matter of fact
    -I got expelled from school 2 years ago

  7. To be honest I thought nothing would ever be the same as it once was, but you've got to PUSH yourself to do things that will make you happier. There are tons of different and unique problems that we all face at some point in our lives, but if you learn to sort of "face your fears" and make an active effort to fix these problems, they WILL eventually fade away.

    Also, depression (like I had at this time) doesn't last forever if it's not too severe. If it's severe you can get anti-depressants and such but the side effects have the potential to be pretty bad in some cases. In my deepest days of depression I used to not even want to get out of bed every morning and I would try to make myself fall asleep earlier so that I wouldn't have to deal with life.

    Bottom line: you've got to recognize the things that are making you unhappy and make an active effort to fix these problems. If you just have depression that you cannot help, see a psychiatrist.
  8. Damn, I didn't want to hear that. Most people don't have the courage to do that, including me.
  9. tell me what your problems are, i might be able to help you out more. maybe I had some of the same problems. PM me if you want.

  10. Problems don't just fix themselves...and nobody's life goes completely down the drain just for no reason. Sure, there are some things you can't control: girl troubles, death of a loved one, etc. But the other things: money choices, getting fired from a job, doing poor in school, are all things you can fix yourself.

    The sooner you realize that the happier you'll be.
  11. Too bad I don't care about any of those.
  12. Thats awesome man. Hopefully you can stay positive!

    I know when i started trying to change my life around it was a constant emotional roller-coaster...which was probably a direct result of heavy drug use (and then lack of said drug use)

    I cant only imagine how hard it was for you, any tips on trying to stay positive when everything gets just way to overwhelming? I always feel like i have sooo much to do and get superrrr frustrated/depressed about all the time I wasted.
  13. Keep ya head up. all i gotta say

  14. So I guess what I was saying went completely over your head.

    If you want to wallow in your self pity go ahead and do so...just don't try to make it seem like you've been dealt a bad hand when you're not doing anything to make that hand better.
  15. I admitted I'm afraid. I don't know how much more vulnerable I could make myself. Whatever.

  16. lol I still have those problems when I feel like I have too much to do. Things like that are inevitable. I don't really have any tips about that kind of thing, but it does suck. When I'm dealing with school work till 1 or 2 AM just to find that I forgot to study for something else it's definitely a shitty feeling.

    PM sent. I know how hard and shitty it was for me and that's why I want to at least try to help you out.
  17. Really glad to hear that blades are moving up and making things better for themselves. Trust me man, I really feel you on having to push through hard times.

    Good vibes to you and everyone else in this thread. :D
  18. Hey thats great. Life has certainly sucked a lot lately for me and couple buddies of mine. I hate feeling depressed but its one feeling you just can't get rid of til things start to look up. Glad you're feeling better. Cheers!

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