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  1. Had to take my plant down early because there’s a thief in the neighborhood my brothers plants were stolen last night so I took mine down early

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  2. Cut correctly the main stem and any branch point makes a handy hook and some mason's line works to hang from.

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  3. are you kidding? was it planted in the ground or was it mobile? if it was not planted directly in the ground and you could have moved it you should have finished it inside what a shame and a waste those are nowhere near ready now you may as well make hash out of it or butter because the smoke will be real rough i hate theives next year use pots so you can move them
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  4. you can grow hella bud in that basement bro
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  5. I know it pisses me off fucking people don’t understand how much time it takes to grow straight scums
  6. Yes it was in the ground my brother lost about 3 pounds
  7. Few years back I had some rainbow ferns out in one of the front yard flower beds that someone just ran up on one night, popped out with a shovel and rolled out.

    I was pissed, but I'd be even more pissed if someone stole a cannabis plant right before harvest.

    Sucks mate, sorry it happened, hopefully karma or the law will catch up to the thief eventually.
  8. I know well I’m growing inside now so but next year I’ll be a little more careful
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  9. I had someone cut the chain on my gate, then drive their truck up my driveway and then they walked right past my fully bloomed plants and cut the padlock and broke into my garage and stole a $5000 mountain bike and a Banshee 4 wheeler instead. My home owners insurance refused to pay for the loss.
  10. Set bear traps fuck a theif....the gd law dont care so be the law
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  11. Get a dog! Even a tiny one will alert you if anyone comes into your yard!

  12. I’m gonna then get the guns out!!
  13. Just a heads up... if you shoot someone for stealing your cannabis plants you'll probably go to prison 10x longer than said thieves would if the got caught stealing your cannabis plants. I suggest brushing up on your JCS criminal psychology and TC That Chapter youtube videos of police interviews with murderers and get your story straight before pulling any triggers.
  15. Don’t care sick of scums trespassing and feeling like they can do what they want when they want with no punishment it gets old look around people are getting murdered beat up extra extra with no punishment it’s getting to the point where there may be a civil war it’s so bad watch the news people do what they want when they want with 0 punishment
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  16. I'm all about backwoods justice and a civil war. We definitely need something to happen to curb the criminal culture. Where I come from rippers (harvest time thieves) get put on a boat and taken 5 miles off shore and dropped in the ocean with a heavy chain wrapped around their body. The ocean is so deep on the west coast that when you're that far out they sink about 3000 feet.
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  17. I’m just so sick of the crap but anyway I guess I need to tighten up my security a little and be a little smarter about where I plant. It’s been nice talking with you I hope we talk again but I’m off to bed 5 comes early. I’ll be posting some pics of my GG 4 autos in the next week or so check it out!
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  18. The best defense for an outdoor grow is that no one knows about it but you.
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