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  1. Couldnt find any threads on this... i was a huge fan of the older games in the series, im pretty pumped. They released a 6 min trailer earlier today, looks pretty fun.

  2. I played The earlier versions and liked it,but it felt like the gameplay was lacking big time.Its a okay game,I dont know why so many people seemed turned off that this is coming out.
  3. Been excited for it since they showed a 1 minute trailer on the xbox dashboard, game looks amazing
    hell yea man
    I pre-ordered earlier for the extra bank heist mission hahahaha
    Im considering getting Gold on Steam, since its like 6 bucks and has all the extras.... those memories...
    then i remember i need to play more minecraft :devious:
    It looks pretty similar to skyrim, just more focused towards stealth which is gonna be sweet. Been looking for a good stealth game besides the splinter cell series, I could never really get into it.
    You should, server has been pretty busy the past few days. We have a huge community project going on, should come build with us
  6. Certainly isn't a real Thief game, but it could be fun.
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    This is why its called a reboot.
    They are rebooting the series, not remaking, or continuing (though, it seems it IS actually a continuation, your memory is erased and a new tale has begun). Tomb Raider kicked fucking ass and it was a reboot lol
  8. Why reboot a thief into a badass, ie reboot something fairly unique into something there are already plenty of? A lot of the appeal of the old Thief games was that they didn't have lolslomoheadshots and beating the shit out of people, just a dude who might be able to stab a guy and run away if he gets discovered. I know I sound like an old guy yelling 'get yer Dishonored out of my Thief, and get off my lawn', but It's just disappointing how homogenized AAA releases can get sometimes. Like I said though, still looks fun and I'll pick it up at some point if it's any good.
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    Dude i dunno how many people i knocked out with my black jack when i used to play, or would bring terrible harm to npc's lol, but the difference is now there is a semi cinematic where you are actually knocking them out or jumping on them and taking them down..., just more cinematic
    Its the same situation, only they made it more cinematic and you are going to complain, like lots of older fans do when things change, i just play games for fun, im not looking for thief nostalgia here, i understand you can complain its your opinion, my opinion is its fine. lol Thats what im saying. I have Thief Gold, Metal Age, and Deadly Shadows still, i can just go play them if i want Thief nostalgia, but we are in the era of crazy epic cinematic things thrown directly into game play so, they obviously followed suit..... its just how modern games of this type are now.
    Such is life, if the content sucks beyond that stuff, thats a completely different story, but i can deal with those types of changes
  10. From what ive seen so far this is going to be like every other stealth game out right now, hopefully not but i wont be buying this until i see a couple solid reviews, also i never played the original series of thief games never even heard of em so thats prolly why my desire to have this game is pretty thin.
    I mean dont get me wrong an open world stealth game would be fucking dope however theres a measure of difficulty i expect to come with that, not just prompts to climb shit, minimal exploring and half assed linear game play. 
  11. Thief usually isn't easy on the harder difficulties lol
    Yeah and see the things that pisses me off is that you sometimes cant play on the hard difficulties until you beat it on normal, i love just starting a game on the hardest difficulty, play the way the game is meant to be played. 
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    Well the original Thief is hard on normal...  and you can play any difficulty from the beginning of that one lol. 
    Id suggest trying the first ones and seeing if you can even get very far on the harder settings. Its very difficult to do anything but stealth in the first ones, guards fuck your shit up if they find you, and the ai isnt exactly stupid, not exactly advanced either. They are on steam for less than 10 bucks, all of them for 20 total
  14. I'm keen to try it, though I'm usually not good at these types of games. First-person. Stealth. Dishonored sucked but then again, not really my type of game. 
  15. Too much stealth , had enough of that with dishonored. Still looks good though if you're a stealthy game person.
  16. dishonored could have been so much better. Loved the fluidity of the characters powers. just short , lame story. Finished it in a couple days.
  17. It could have been a lot better, indeed. The character powers were hugely appealing to me in the first place, but the storyline? Plus... zombies. Fuck that shit. That's my kryptonite when high and gaming.
  18. Worth picking up?
  19. I think it's funny everyone compares thief to dishonored.

    Thief came first, by decades.

    And dishonored isn't about being a thief, you are a deadly agent of the royal family enacting revenge. In Thief you're a thief piecing a missing year back together. Thief is designed to be mainly stealth. And less violent action.

    I understand the comparison, both being stealth games. But so is splinter cell lol
  20. Second this wanna know, not been to many decent console games out in a while.

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