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thick orange crush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SirLongBong217, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. #1 SirLongBong217, Jan 18, 2010
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    my first stash pic, and first post on GC

    i dubbed this stuff orange crush. this particular nug is 3.6g... great smoke, not too crazy, nice taste. 110/7g

  2. is that a 7g bud?
  3. He says right on his post how much it weighs...
  4. Looks like some nicely cured and dried kush
  5. Why did you call it Orange Crush? It's Beasters. I remember back in the day when I was a little kid we used to sometimes call Beasters Orange Crush hahahahahhahaahahahah!!!
  6. yo thats beasters. hate to break it to you but thats what it is

  7. :eek:

    Looks good though.
  8. yea everything's pricey in the suburbs of DC. And yes, I know it's beasters...that's why i said "i dubbed it orange crush"... And just because it's beasters doesn't make it crap weed ;)
  9. That looks exactly like the Beasters I have been picking up in the Boston Area for like 200 an Ounce.
  10. headin2mars - that's cuz it is beasters, $110 a quarter? i'd go back and put my foot up that guy's ass, that shit should be 60-70 bucks a quarter at maximum even here on the east coast where everything's pricey
  11. No not at all, it makes it crappy by Canadian standards.:rolleyes:

    Haha just breaking your balls man, people are going to call you out because you called it Orange crush, don't know why but this forum is gay like that..

    Bud looks pretty nice, definitely some decent beasters :smoking:
  12. I'd wager a bet that making up strain names for china bud is even "gayer" ;)
  13. Hey guys, enough with the negative posts.

    That pick up looks like an average suburban pickup, OP is not much different from a lot of people. And on top of that, it's his first post and we should be welcoming him to the city, not making him think we're a bunch of elitists..

    OP, welcome to the city.
  14. #14 sifika, Jan 18, 2010
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    lol, it says right in the first post that he himself named it.. he's not trying to pass it off as better bud.

    Reading helps ~

  15. I remember calling beasters "Wizard Berry" back in the day for shits and giggles, but I still knew it was beast. We just laughed our asses off whenever someone said they had wizard berry.
    If that's what's available to you then it's what you get......It's not very hard to understand this blades.;)
  16. You shouldn't be buying beasters for $110. I live in one of the worst price areas to buy bud and for $110, I usually get something that looks ridiculously dank with trichomes covering the whole bud. Check the thread in my sig to see what I'm getting for $100-110, the last 3-4 pages (of about 20+) should suffice.
  17. I've been seeing this in MA alot. When it first came out I bought some, and wasn't impressed. My buddy still has some, but now its dried out and lost the odor. After looking at it more closely I have concluded it's good indoors. It has small crystal formations and is spewing orange hairs, however there are NEVER big nugs in the bags. What you may consider big i consider small, i'm used to seeing 7 to 14g nugs often. This indicates it was flowered/harvested prematurely. It's merely a cash crop, grown in cycles and harvested, however it is being overpriced because it's no longer bricked up and the crystals aren't removed to make hash. After seeing the outdoor kinebud that's in abundance I don't see why anyone would by this, it isn't worth more than 220 an ounce. I'm adding the twenty bucks because I understand fuel is more expensive now, so obviously the light bill will be more expensive. I honestly think a thread should be made about this because ALOT of people are getting ripped off because they can't tell their types. Orange hairs don't mean anything! It's the crystals that get you high.
  18. Thanks man... haven't bought on my own until recently, and connections are hard in a white collar area, so i gotta get what i can : \
  19. no. he just said a 3.6g nug
  20. nice sized bud man. hows the high? wee pricey, but if your rather new to the arts of tokey smokey, its all good mang.

    happy blazing!

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