Thick Glass = Cooler Smoke?

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  1. Does thicker glass make for a cooler smoke? (water or no water)

  2. Well thick pipes dont get as hot as thinner ones. But for the smoke i have no idea
  3. No, less chance to break.
  4. It makes no difference :)
  5. I think cooler smoke depends on how slow you drag, the slower the drag the cooler and smoother the hit, faster the drag the hotter the smoke and the harsher the hit.

    I also believe it depends in how well the herb was cured.
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  6. well if the pipe gets really hot it might affect the temp of the smoke

    the reason I'm asking is b/c I was smoking out of my friends small straight pipe & my small sherlock pipe and my pipe hits really hot, my friend's hit a lot cooler. same herb & same lighter too.
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    as far as pipes go yes thicker can mean cooler (not always and not by much at all if its even noticeable ) with bongs thinker glass just means you wont break it no matter what tho it is always good to get the thickest glass you can
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    yeah for bongs I don't see much difference, but for a little 4" pipe, it'd probably be a noticeable difference I'm guessing?
  9. maybe it mostly just has to do with how well the pipe was made
  10. ok just wondering b/c my last small pipe I bought a year ago makes me feel like fire breathing dragon every time I take a hit, bout to buy a new one
  11. ah well if your looking the longer the better generally and if you look real close and see lots of bubbles in the glass buy something else

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