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  1. I often make compost teas and I know of the benefits of adding banana peels into water for the potassium benefit. But oftentimes when I add in the banana it makes the tea very thick and viscous. Should I just add water to thin it down? Or is it okay as is?
  2. bananas contain starch and cellulose, which can contribute to the thickness and viscosity of the tea. This is because these substances can break down and release sugars, which can feed the microorganisms in the tea and cause them to grow more rapidly.

    This increased growth of microorganisms can result in a thicker, more viscous solution. Additionally, the addition of bananas or any other high-starch or cellulose-containing ingredient to compost tea can cause the tea to become anaerobic, meaning that the bacteria in the tea are not getting enough oxygen to survive, which can result in the production of unpleasant-smelling compounds. For this reason, it's generally recommended to avoid adding ingredients like bananas to compost tea, and instead, focus on using high-quality compost as the main source of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. /end chatGPT
  3. you use nanna's I use clean river sand, yes let them go the water is just the vector(carrier)

    good luck

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