They've sprouted! (Only 1 week after!!)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Label425, Feb 24, 2002.

  1. I planted 11 seeds last week inside 11 sturophone cups. 3 have sprouted already! I didnt even germinate them either, and this is my first time trying. I have them set up next to a window inside a large tupawear bin. I have havnt watered them ever since I planted them, so I sprayed them once each w/ a water spraying bottle. I have aluminum foil all over the inside of the bin on all four sides. I added a slanted aluminum foil roof to it today, and I'm thinkng it will produce alot more heat, so how many times a week do I spray them? Also, I put holes in the bottom of the sprouted plants, so that should help. Any othet help would be much appreciated. Also, when should I start to fertalize? I'll have pics posted soon on my little marijuana growing system. Thanx!
  2. Nice going dude. I'm going to sift through the seeds i have and start growing tonight!
  3. A fourth one just sprouted the other day too.
  4. After they've sprouted wait about 14 days. That should be a good time to start. Remember it's Water, Water, then Water mixed with fert. Hope this helped. Oh yeah, when u start off, only start off with about 1/3 of what the product says to use in the back. If it's soil fert, I don't know myself. Good Luck.

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