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They call it Trainwreck...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KarmaOneLove, May 27, 2009.

  1. Well I've been smoking this weed that I've been told is Trainwreck...I smoked it all so I dont have any buds but this shit....gets me freaking high as a motherfckr. Has anyone else tried this?
  2. wordd mad dank bud
  3. I just had some of this recently and it was some great stuff, very nice head high.
  4. i've had bud called trainwreck twice before

    one time, it got me and another person high as shit. i just can't describe it anymore than that, i was just really, really, really fucking high that night.

    other time i think the person was using it just for the name's sake to increase sales, it wasn't as good as the first, but was still dank.
  5. this shit is seriously rediculous...ill take a small ass binger and be done for like 3 hours. and i dont think about bad shit when im high on it, like its a clean how it used to be when i first started smoking haha thats the only way i can describe it
  6. trainwreck is strain which was founded in Oregon. Im really familiar with it and it def. packs quit a punch. Its kind of funny reading about someone who has little experience with it as i have probably had over 20 different kinds of train throughout my short smoking career.enjoy.
  7. yea man trainwreck gto me stoned as shit man i reallly dont remember much because i was that high lol
  8. first time i smoked some amazingly good trainwreck i passed out on my friends dorm room floor for a while

    good times, they looked back and were like WTF you still here? lol
  9. Trainwreck is one of my fav strains and I can have it whenever I want! <:D Pretty easy to grow, and yeah it's mad potent.
  10. it wrecks your train of thought.
  11. my favorite strain:smoking:

    see my name twreck
  12. its trains the wreck :D ....... yea this awesome bud does urs smell or taste a bit like lemons? i wanna hit some of this shit right now
  13. yeah trainwreck is some pretty dank bud.
    its come through town quite a few times this year. Love it
  14. trainwreck is great, but widow-wreck is better IMO.(white widow x trainwreck)

  15. Yeh. That Shits my Regs ;)
  16. mmmm ive had trainwreck and lime trainwreck. love that shit!!! haven't had some in a loong time
  17. my dealer has it, but it's at the bottom of his stash so i have not yet seen it this time aruond.. had some hydroponically grown trainwreck about a year ago that was top shelf.
  18. trainwreck is on my top 5 all time favorite strain list :smoke:

    my faves?

    1. White Widow
    2. Trainwreck
    3. Blue Dream (because it puts me to sleep, I have a touch of insomnia at times..)
    4. Granddaddy Purple (or any purple really)
    5. Big Bud
  19. i am glad other people have enjoyed this bud as much as me! all of my people are just stoned as shit all day on this shit haha i love it! and i just got a new piece for my bong so shit is so smooth

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