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  1. Yesterday, after not smoking for like a week and a half, I found out that I passed my drug test and got the job I applied for. I'm so thrilled because 1) I thought i had no chance of passing my DT, 2) I have been looking for a job for a while now.

    Then after I found out I passed I headed over to my friends house to celebrate and we bought an 1/8th of some pretty good bud (i think speed queen to be specific). We all got real high and we still had a good amount left so they let me keep the rest.

    Then this morning I smoked a little before class and it was amazing. I had a great English class were we got to read and discuss some of Edgar Allen Poe's writings and they all made complete sense. After class me and two friends sat by this chill lake by my house and smoked a couple Js and I still have about a bowl pack left for tonight!

    P.S. funny story about the drug test, when my employer called me it went something like this:
    Me: Hello?
    Her: Hi its *** from ****
    Me: Oh hey ***
    Her: So couldbeMJ what happened yesterday?
    Me: (in my head: ohh shit????) uhhhm I dont know im sorry!
    Her: Yeah i guess i didn't give you good enough instructions since you went to the wrong building sorry.
    Me: OHHHHH that hahhaha yeah its no problem
    Her: blah blah blah you start sunday blah blah

    hahaha when she said what happened I was like FUCKKKKK NO!

    Edit:: P.P.S.- I also turns out a friend of mine asked their friend to drop the bag off at my house and it turned out i knew the kid and he is in a couple of my classes. We are kind of friends but i never asked if he smoked because he didn't seem like the type of kid who would, so i guess i found a new connect too!
  2. hmm. why post that here?
  3. dude how much did you smoke before you got tested? I just wanna know cuz I'm gettin tested soon.
  4. congrats on the new job bro
  5. Congratz :D

  6. chill man, just tellin a story.

    I smoked about every other day since like september, but before that about everyday in the summer.

    The thing is im very smally built so I have barely any body fat on me.
    And I also took cranberry and green tea extract like they were my job!!

    Just make sure to drink plenty of water 24 hours before the test.

    Good luck man

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