These Three Chicks Last Night

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  1. Alright so first off, I have known these three chicks since like middle school. I also haven't seen them since high school (3 years). Last night though I was in my hometown visiting to see my sister and her new baby. 
    My hometown was a pretty decent size. There were a few high schools, middle schools, etc but it is still small enough to the point where everytime I am back I see some people I know. Last night I happened to run into one of my good friends from high school, and he was telling me how he was going to go to his girlfriends house and they were going to have a few drinks and if they could find some bud they would smoke too. Well knowing that my hometown is boring as shit and usually pretty dry (except for mids), I brought about an eighth from home so I offered it up as I usually do when I am holding. 
    I find out his girlfriend was actually a really good friend of mine from a long time ago, so I went over to sit back and relax. I go over with my buddy, and we sit down to relax over a few bowls. Two girls walk in who I recognize. Call them A & B. They sit down on either side of me and we start talking a bunch. I knew I recognized these girls from somewhere, I mean their faces looked so familiar but my mind is in such a cloudy haze I couldn't spit out their names. The night goes on and these girls are just so familiar, but I still can't remember their names! 
    Through this point I have been playing it safe, making as good of conversation as I can without bringing up their name. Finally it hits me who they are. Chick A I remember from high school who dated one of my buddies, and the other was one of my ex's girlfriends. In walks a third girl, and she sits down right next to A. All is good and we are all talking attempting to watch some movie but I couldn't tell you what, we all haven't seen each other in years so we just talk the night away.
    Comes to about 2 a.m. My friend who originally invited me over and his girlfriend go to his room and say goodnight or whatever. I was getting up to leave when chick B pulls me back down. Now up until this point everything was pretty casual, but chick B starts confessing this deep fantasy she has had to have sex with me since freshman year of high school. Now that just blew my mind to begin with.
    Chick A & C are in the kitchen at this point which you can see from where I am at. B talks to me about how she would be down for a four way and the other two would for sure be into it. I don't know what to say. I mean I would like to tell all of you blades this happens to me on the regular, but it doesn't. The only thing is, I know I could do better than these chicks. Their just all sluts, literally though that is what I remember them being in high school too and the reason why I didn't fuck them. But it is a nice summer night out and I'm stoned and don't really care what is going on at this point so I let chick B feel me up but I am not trying to make any moves.
    The two other chicks come back in the room and one sits on my lap and the other chick kisses chick B on the lips and they start making out for a little bit. I don't really know what to do, I just can't decide in my mind if I am going to commit to this shit or just walk out right there on the spot. I know I will never see them again, I mean I haven't seen them in so long anyways.
    I decide to commit to it. I don't really know if I even liked it to be honest. I mean these three chicks obviously had some crazy love for each other because they were obsessed with eating each other out and fighting over the dick. Chick B ends up having an orgasm and then falls asleep which the other two and I continue. I feel like chick B was pretty intoxicated, I mean we were all slightly buzzed drunk but at this point I would say I am more high and I knew I was driving home no matter what so I didn't drink much. Chick A & C were fun though, with B out of the picture things were a little more interesting. 
    I ended up finishing and the other two chicks lit up a cig and passed it between each other. Cigarettes give me headaches so at that point I decided it was time to leave. I got up and said goodbye, and the chicks told me to hit them up next time I was back in town and we could have some more fun.
    Woke up this morning around noon and had a text from chick B saying literally "Thanks for the dick!" I really don't know what to think at this point. Should I be proud I just had a fourway? I mean when I say it like that it sounds fun but I was so out of it and not even really into the sex I am just indifferent. Should I bother texting back like thanks for the vag or something? 
    I am just so thrown off by it all as I really wasn't expecting that, and I still don't even know if I liked it. 

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  3. Of course I wrapped it up   :D  I would never ever ever ever go in raw dog on those chicks. I was so thrown off by the text, like what? I mean obviously these chicks just used me for a great night and I don't really care about that, but I didn't know any girl would text a guy saying thanks for the dick. 
  4. As long as you did not contract any STD's or get any chick preggo, and you are young, then I salute you sir. Good going! Have fun!
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    Doesn't matter, had sex.
  6. I can never see that happening in my friends group without someone thinking "Oh god, I did what with who?!"
    My mind was indeed blown by this story, and I must say I am one jellybelly jealous bean!  :love:
  7. Well, if you wrapped it, don't worry. Your safe, just have to live with the fact that you fucked some sluts... Lol, yeah that made me giggle :p thanks for the dick. I would have made a smart ass comment back.
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  9. I'd be somewhat happy with it. You know, not everyday you get to have 3 ladies pleasuring you...FOR FREE.
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    I must look ridiculous laughing to myself right now, bitches. :p
  11. The way you explained it, is that AB&C are all very close and very "open", sexually. With eachother and others. Bi-sexual, I guess. They were probably all just horny and wanted a hard dick to fuck around with.

    I dunno if I'd be ashamed, at least you got the experience of it lol. Although I can see how you feel weirded out. They were probably pretty sluttly and pretty horny, and well, whatever. Props, I guess.
    Funny thing is I remember in high school like early high school Chick C and I would have a few drunken occasions where we would end up sleeping together (as in just sleeping in a bed not fucking) but I just wouldn't go through with it because I have always been friends with her and never saw myself having sexual relations with her
    That is true I suppose, they could have been inexperienced too 
    At least two of the chicks were openly bi-sexual in high school so that doesn't really surprise me. The other chick was going on and on about how the past few times she tried fucking a dude there was something wrong with him like he couldn't get it up (he was also a virgin) or they finished in like 5 seconds, etc so you are very correct to say they were very open sexually. I'm usually not though that is the thing that weirds me out the most. Like apart from telling all of GC, I probably won't mention a thing to my roommate about it or anybody else for that matter. 
  13. Who the fuck says "thanks for the dick" like its some sort of currency detached from ur body...what a weirdo. Those girls sound like the typical hischool hoes
  14. [​IMG]
    You done good OP. You done good.
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    ??? I thank my bf almost every time I have an orgasm. I don't say thanks for the dick. I just say "thank you" or "thank you for letting me cum".
    I didn't know this was weird....
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  16. Champeeyon!
  17. Do you look him in his eyes when you tell him how thankful you are for getting the d? 
    I mean idk it seems kinda weird to me, moreso in this situation considering the girl isn't my girlfriend and is probably sleeping with dozens of dudes, so to say "thanks for the dick" in that situation, is kinda weird

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