These hairs?

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  1. I'm getting alot of this buisness going on at my more devolped tops. I'm new, first try I'm having a hard time unerstanding the outdoor light schedule, 49n btw. I bough a decent lineup of nutes and such to finish the season from a local grow store. I'm in a large pot so I only water every 4-5 days t'day/t'morow would be the day. Is this the sign to start going to the "transition" part of my schedule?

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  2. Those are your pre flowers congrats you have a girl :)
  3. Congrats on pre-flowering female!!!
  4. Thanks, It's actualy had those sporaticly since early July. I was wondering about the fact that I'm getting alot is that "flowers forming" like the nice young lady at the store wrote in sharpie on the bottle? When I would start usning "transition" on the shedule, I'm using GH Floranova and I only water every 4-5 days it's tomorow or next week?
  5. From seed or clone? Clones will show pistals at anytime. When you see groups of pistals togather start your bloom ferts.
  6. Seed, she's 3 1/2 months old. I'm realy woried about getting this right, it's my first try and I had obscene loses to slugs. I have a hard time beliving what I'm seeing till somone says they saw it too, Thanks.
  7. From seed then she is is pre flowers. When you see groups of pistals togather start your bloom ferts.
    I see you have alternating nodes so the plant is mature and ready.

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