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These comedowns are killing me.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smoked All Dat, May 19, 2010.

  1. I've been smoking for around 10 months now and I am pretty experienced when it comes to most of the aspects of smoking pot, and I really haven't had this problem before now. Usually, when I first began smoking, I would smoke at night or in the evening so I would just fall asleep eventually and not experience any type of "comedown". Lately, well not lately, since around December I have been smoking alot on weekends. All day usually. The first joint is the best and the worst. When Im done with it, I feel great. Muscles feel great. My sight is altered and everything looks how they look when your high lol. After about an hour and a half, I feel the comedown coming. Im no longer peaking and I can feel myself becoming sober. It's not too bad until mostly all of it wares off. After this, I just feel drained. All my energy is gone, I feel like sleeping but I don't want to, as it's like 2 in the afternoon. Now, rewind, back to where I was beginning to come down. If I smoke another joint, it refreshes me, but only for about 30 minutes. Now Im high, but I feel like shit usually. Drained, exhausted, lazy. Once the initial high wears off, im done. I mean, it will go away eventually if Im sober for 3-4 hours and have been doing things. I really don't think there is any solution to this besides smoking a different strain or not smoking as much so the comedown isn't so hard. Any advice? Im mostly just ranting. Thanks GC
  2. Sounds like you need more regular t-breaks. Also i noticed you said you feel sleepy most of the time, which sounds like your smoking mostly indica strains. I would switch to sativa if possible or a 50/50 hybrid. I have some Afgoo crossed with strawberry cough right now and its perfect for work and day time smoking. The northern lights I have is a pure indica and I smoke that at night time.

    Peace and Good Luck Man.
  3. Ask around for Haze. A stronger sativa generally will do the trick. I never burn out from them and if anything, it wakes me up more.
  4. do yourself a favor and just stick to nights.
  5. I would switch strains like you both said but I am unable to get any of that shit.

    My dealer is a longtime smoker since he was like 10 and hes almost 50 now. Yet he only gets schwag/mids. I mean these are random ass mids. I live in the ghetto so I mean.. the dank and strains and types and shit are out of reach sadly.
  6. Try to smoke better bud than regs, that could be the prob. If not try to weed out the stems and seeds. Focusing on watching a TV show on the couch helps because it relaxs and you dont notice the comedown as much.

  7. I don't know what to tell you man but there is DEFINITELY dank EVERYWHERE. Just try to make some new connects. You say your in the ghetto or hood or whatever, but that's usually easier to find more people holding than here in the middle of no where MASS lol.

    Keep looking.
  8. Ehh I will. I'll probably go to my Uncle or my cousins cause they are all hippies and potheads.
  9. I know exactly how you feel man. I will smoke a fat bowl, be completely blazed, and then when I'm coming down I smoke another, with little to no effect, I get frustrated and start packing more bowls, waste of money, and rough on the lungs. I guess I just have to pick a danker strain, I get regs, just doesn't cut it anymore I suppose. When I feel I can smoke a bowl and work where I do with no repercussions, it's just not cutting it anymore.
  10. i've been there but not since i quit smoking mids. if you can't find anything msg me i know how to get you some DANKIED DANK DANK no matter where you live. trust me ;) MOM's are real! :D
  11. I dunno, I just tend to switch between my two dealers (basically sell the same shit, just different types) so once the shit I get from one doesn't get my high anymore, the other kind will.
  12. Try vaporizing.....for me the comedowns are less than when smoking
  13. either stop getting so baked when u smoke during the day or mostly stop smokin so much in the morning. thats where it will ruin your day lol. but mostly stop smokin so much!a hit or two or maybe 3 and u should be good buzzin for couple hours n not come down

  14. QFT.

    I',m in same boat as you and it sucks..

    A few thins: keep it to dank, vape if possible, smoke a lil' less(little!!) and take a nap and shower when coming down.

    Avoid munching down, that can make it bad!
  15. Man, you're in western Massachusetts! How can you not find any dank? A friend of mine gets his headies straight outta Springfield, last week he had Blue Dream and some weird Jack Herer cross. Just ask your friends to ask their friends. You'll find people. Sounds like you're bein lazy sticking to one dealer.
  16. Really? I vape all the time, all qualities of bud, and even a predominant sativa makes me a zombie for the whole day. I refer to my Da Buddha as my "Power Off" switch.
  17. Yeah I would STRONGLY suggest a vaporizer. It's done wonders for me!
  18. I swear on my life I just smoked that exact strain. XD

    IT went 20$/gram here in WI.
  19. I understand what you're saying. I've smoked a couple times before work and that is just horrid. So I no longer smoke before going into work.

    Usually if I know I'm going to be busy with friends, the comedown isn't as noticeable. Drinking a couple beers with my cousin helps too.

    But if I'm just riding around and picking up muchies, yea I'm going to take a tap once I get home.
  20. I believe this is called being burned out. Lol.

    "Aprentice tokers"? Lol, I think so.

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