Thermal Scans Searches & Legitimate Heat lamp usage.

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  1. I have heard before about how "they" the tyrants can do a thermal scan from the sky etc. to find hot spots where grow ops might be. I was wondering though, how they could figure out which is legit. We don't actually grow but we do have 3 snakes and plan to get a couple more. I have a friend that has like 10 snakes and she would definitely be a target too.

    I've never heard of there being an issue with a house being busted into because they thought the heat from reptile heat lamps etc were mistaken for grow ops. Please discuss.
  2. Hopefully someone can back me up on this, but i heard that 'they' are not focusing on small op's anymore, they're looking for large op's that are even posibly covering up another LARGER op.

    CA Passed something that says 'they' will be focusing their $$ on bigger more rewarding-if-caught cases.

    You guys should be fine!
  3. Unless you have thousands of watts worth of lighting, I wouldnt be too concerned. Think about the sheer amount of heat that radiates from ones home without lighting.
  4. Question and answer, thank you guys. :)
  5. With those scans it relays a thermal picture back...In many states it requires a warrant to even do such a scan on a house...its almost like x-ray a little creepy and seems big-brother illegal like. With the thermal picture it is easy to tell the difference between a 100 watt heat lamp for snakes from several high watt (600-1000) high pressure grow lights. Not only will the bulb be much less than a grow light it will also look very different from a grow light on the thermal pic. The reflectors on grow lights are much larger (the refelctor retain enough heat to show on the thermal scan) than a reptiles reflector. They are also more randomly spaced than a grow room and sit only a foot or two from the bottom of the reptiles terrarium, while grow lights are usually several feet and in an empty room with fans and only grow equipment. Trust me its very easy to tell the difference. And if they are scanning your house with a thermal scan then you should be worried already, considering they are watching you and paying for that scan. And if they do end up getting a warrant for your "grow house" and they bust in to find a few terrariums then you got a law suit locked and ready since they filed a very faulty illegal one

  6. ^^This^^

    It would take a pretty big op to put out enough heat to attract interest from law enforcement. unless you are running a couple rooms with several 1K HID's I would not even worry about thermal scans.
  7. hey guys , i was interested in this flir thermal scanner they are useing too so i found a you tube on it . they are generally looking for the exaughst that comes out of your house from various ventilation foreign to normal housing uses. they had suggested that you put your venting to go out through the dryer vent attachment if possible. but to me if they do get up close n personal they will see it on 24/7 so keep this in mind as for them spotting lights frm inside your house you like some1 said have to be gleaming crazy watts for them to see it . the flir is not x-ray it is thermal imaging . if you were behind a wall it could not see you , but if you stuck your hand out it if you can watch your windows (but dont blanket them to obviously)and vent through to the dryer vents or basements if pos. i dont have the link but you can find it if you look .
  8. [​IMG]

    even if you got several rooms with hid lighting, you just put this product over your ceiling and walls andjust to be sure you put hood covers made of the same material , but ppl with snakes shouldnt be worried , even if they bust in, it wont matter, unless your snakes are illegal in the country your in...

    and if they find nothin, get urself a good lawer, i would smell a lawsuit .....
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    cool post but just to remind yous that light would have to be in the same room to see that or be looking through a window ,not behind a wall or a roof. its the exaust they are looking for because they know about all this stuff to hide inside workins . they look for covered windows and irregular billowing exaust coming out of the house with flir. no other way can they jugde the thermal evidence. if they showed a pic of it coming out of a dryer vent then it just looks like loundry if it is comeing out of a chiminy it looks on the level unless its summer. also they can time this so if they have a pic from 3 am 4am 6am 11 am and so on for a total 48 hr period it will be suspicious to be runnin this 24 hrs a day..thus making a larger operation easyr to spot n what infact they r looking for . smaller grows wont have any of these probs because the venting just usualy get circulated into the house n bla bla bla.
  10. so basicly if you dont vent , less probs, then a CGE is the was to go...imo
  11. yep they will have nothing to look at except your trash . what is cge?
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    Closed Growing Environment
  13. well, I think my house was built for growing, Considering, i got 4ft of cement above my grow room, cement all the way around. and plumed water + drain, with my exhaust going right out my roof..

    And here it is illegal to use the Heat plane w/o a warrent
  14. they have hand held ones that they use when cruzing. they mey spot it then investigate without a warrant wating for you to fuck up, looking through your trash is how they bust you without a warrant make it easy for them to get one .so dont ut anything related in your trash..
  15. i have been looking into grows but that doesnt ring a bell . its new to me sounds interesting . is it like a tent or an indoor greenhouse with fog r something like that.
  16. He meant closed growing environment. This is so you dont vent outside and heat signatures are virtually non existent.
  17. Joe nice product thats pretty pimpy
  18. it sure is, i havent used it yet but i do plan to get some ;)

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