Theres a Tail outside

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Null, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. so i get home right now and im really fucking high i just smoked a bowl of blueberry, anyways im walking to the door and my cat comes walking and meows.

    i figure alright hes hungry let me feed him...give me time air out before i go inside so i walk over to this rolling tub of cat food and there sticking out of the top is this wierd looking tail

    im like WTF im like uhm what is that tail doing there
    my cat didnt even wana go near it

    i was like mabe its a snake then im like naw its not scaly or whatever

    im like oouhhh time to go inside so i =hurry inside and tkae my cat with me

    i wonder what it is
  2. lol, go out there and find out. just take the shovel with you and knock it out. don't be a wuss! :p
  3. You knw there are people starving in the world. :)
    sell it to a kebbab shop.
  4. whwere was the taill?? haha i aslso thought you said trail.... which reminded me of when i first went to my friends place, he said his place was over there, and walked into the woods... and I was so baked, that when i got to the treeline everything became dark, and i actually went blind (i do that often), so i can barely see, and I see him weaving back and forth down this trail, hopping from onwe to another, and hes going really fast i couldnt keep up with him, then i lost him, i had no idea where he went, it was getting darker and darker, i was just standing there then, cause i couldn't find where he went.... then i heard him "what the hell are you doin?"... then my vision came back, and I was standing right in front of his house.... lol, i just coulsdn't see it. everytime i smoke enough weed i go blind... don't know why really.

  5. I'd advise never driving a car while your blazed my friend.

    And to the poster, go figure out what that tail is man!
  6. maybe you should talk to a doctor about that blindness lol

    get a shovel, and have a loaded airsoft gun handy haha
  7. about going blind i had that once

    i was In Las Vegas and i had taken some Brownies with me so i could eat since i didnt wanna acutally take bud with me

    and i ate half of it and then fell asleep...wouldnt u know 2 hrs later i wake up and i cant see SHIT

    its dark in my room my senses are going screwy..the bed i couldnt find the edge of the bed i kept looking for it but coudlnt find it..and this wierd looking green creater was the only thing i could see so i finally after much trouble got out of bed i couldnt walk

    my feet were week i hit i dont know how many walls all to turn on the light

    must have taken 10 min to get out of bed and flip the switch
    of course then i starteed freaking out cuase i had taken to much and so i went outside and looked at all the pretty casino lights lol
  8. Did you see what was attached to the tail?Was it rabid?Did it draw blood?The suspense is killing meeeee.............
  9. i dont know

    i didnt dare go backoutside
    but atleast 1/4 of the food was eaten
    so it was an animal

    were thinking possum but with out seeing it there again i wouldnt be able to know
  10. Should of at least forced the cat to have a look they can become real killers when they have to.
  11. Man isnt that crazy the weirdest things always seem to happen whenever im high! Which of course makes them even more confusing!

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