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  1. Hail fellow marijuana enthusiasts,

    After much deliberation and subsequent inheritance of a load of sweet gear, I am embarking on my quest as an indoor gardener. An injury and a lot of time have left me browsing the forums here and elsewhere for quite awhile gathering information. I picked up my first round of clones at the dispensary a week ago and thought I would bring you all along for the journey. Hoping to pick up some sage advice and suggestions.

    I'm blessed with a lot of space and equipment, but have some very challenging temperature and water issues. I'm running all RO on my high Iron and Ph 3.8 water (eek!) and have done all right with dealing with temperature fluctuation (9000 ft is a long way up). I'm currently having a hard time getting enough air moving and will undertake a more thorough venting project for my shower mother chamber this weekend.

    These will hopefully provide two mothers for a more extensive project in the near future. I will flower what else I get for the experience.

    some stats and figures for the room:

    -6 dispensary romulan clones
    -400 watt hps
    -sunshine advanced soil mix
    -GH floraduo nutrients (trying to keep it simple) only done one light feed on the three larger
    -I've done one neem treatment after some white mildewy looking spots and plan to continue bi-weekly
    -RH sits between 30 and 40, I've been misting regularly to supplement
    -temps go as low as 60 at night, max around 75 during the day
    - air is completely inadequate, CO2 sensor reading between 20 and 30 ppm, will be working to improve ventilation this weekend.

    I've been watering rockwool almost daily, enough to keep it moist. The transplants have received one weak feed watering and another pure water since their relocation a few days past.
    Now questions in regard to the photos:

    -When I received the clones, there were 3 doing substantially better, and continue to do so. The largest has taken a light brown at the tips and slight curling up. What's this?

    -Another of the stronger has developed some odd yellowing, kind've spotty. Does getting nutrient-rich water on your leaves cause this?

    -Two of the little clones are looking quite sad. They wilted a bit in the first few days and have perked up a bit, but stayed yellow and sickly looking. I had them in direct light for awhile and decided that was a poor idea. They've been living at the perimeter of the HID and are doing better.

    -I've been considering transplanting the little guys, good idea? Root growth isn't great, but I think a new home might improve their attitudes.

    Thanks already for all your help, and I look forward to continued support from the GC community.



    P.S. Pictures to follow, having a hard time uploading.
  2. 1- the ladies today
    2- the weakling on day 1
    3- the browned, curling up tips of the strongest
    4- the weak clone today, yellowed and sad
    5- one of the stronger clones showing some yellow spots


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  3. Any suggestions folks? The night check shows the little guys perked up a little, the yellowed larger clone is showing a little droop. I'll post another round of pics in the morning after I work on the air.

  4. Hey man i have verry little experience with clones but im currently on my first grow right now, but i do know a little something something...

    As far as the yellowing it can be 1 of 2 things or maybe something more but it can either be Calcium or Nitrogen deficiency. I have currently been battling this problem myself with my plants.

    Calcium deficiency usually looks like yellow spots on random leaves and nitrogen deficiency usually looks like green just washing away from the outside and retreat to the middle until the whole leaf is yellow.

    Again i dont know too much about clones but to combat this in my current plants i give them molasses and calmag along with the nutes. But im not sure if you can nute those youngsters yet. Calmag might help as it has Calcium/Magnesium/Iron/ and Nitrogen supplements inside. Someone told me that this will help combat any yellowing in plants and it rally is for me. Also those babies need fresh air. Fresh air goes a long way. Open up a window and let them breath.

    Look into beneficial bacteria like great white, that also helps the roots uptake nutrients from the soil and always make sure your ph is good with a runoff around 6.5. Also you want to keep the temperature between 65-85 with 75 being the ideal temp. Lights out shouldnt range more than 10 degrees of the lights being on. I try to keep my tent @ 75 all day including lights out.
  5. Hey guys,

    The ladies are looking to be enjoying a bit of food and some new ventilation. I've got a new lightproof vent I picked up at the depot for exhaust I will install tomorrow or the next day, which I think will make my air situation primo.

    The ladies are still dealing with a few issues I'm still working on however. Fed at 550 ppm this evening, one of their first real feeds, and am excited to see the results.

    Three of the clones are still running the show (pic 4). They're showing some nice pretty new growth that has me really excited. The moms are already standing out. The largest still has some brown turned up tips, and one leaf that is lighter and a whole leaf segment is bent upwards (pic 2). The yellow skirted lady dropped one of the gnarliest leaves, but is still holding some yellow spots on a few (pic 3). Last we have one of my poor weaklings (1) who has one brand new set of leaves but slow growth and old yellowed tips.

    I've added a small heater in the shower that's keeping the temps between 65-70. I'm hoping when the food and air get sorted out they'll perk up. WIll keep an eye on my issues and hope for some suggestions.

    Thanks for your support. I love reading the journals and am really excited about this journey I've embarked on. Look forward to the experience.

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  6. Did you get that ph issue sorted?
  7. Yah, surprisingly it has been shifting quite a bit (I think due to snowmelt into my well) But I've been able to RO everything and get all my watering pretty perfect. I do need to become more religious with checking my runoff however. Ph is one of the many issues I didn't even consider that important until I started, and now it seems to rule my world. Will update this evening with some photos if the feed produced anything good (or bad).

  8. Ph isn't that big a deal in a soil grow. You're not running an organic soil mix so just be sure the feed solution is in the green zone and you'll be fine. I'm not seeing any issues here caused by poor ph. If you notice, the yellowing leaves are the lowest point on the clone. This is a natural response to producing roots. They'll use the available nitrogen for for energy kinda like a baby fish uses a yolk sac. Once the root system can focus on nutrient collection, it springs back and the new growth comes in healthy and green. They look like they'll do just fine
  9. Hey heretik,

    I think you're right. Just got back from the garden and all the ladies have a new set of leaves that look fresh and clean. They seem to be enjoying their new menu. Opened the room up for a good blast of fresh before the snow and 20 degree night force them back into the cave.
  10. When u learn about taking your clones and treating your mothers just right you'll find it always happens durring the rooting process. The club clones usually have the bottom leaf clipped off in the shop so they look presentable but they naturally just start in on the next one up. Now the curling upwards is saying they didn't quite like the transplant and could have used a little silica for stress relief. I myself don't use bottled nutes anymore so I would give it my own kelp/alfalfa tea with some powdered bacterial innoculant at transplant. But since you're using flora series (I'll spare you my opinions) that's not what ya need. Protekt is invaluable for this even in my organic garden.
  11. ^^^great advice right there.
  12. Heretik,

    I would love to hear your opinions on any of my growing practices, along with anyone else's. I plan to move to more friendly and organic practices as my experience increases. Will look into silica products for future transplants.

  13. My opinions aren't as much on the the quality or potency of the bottled nutrients. It's the idea behind them. The industry makes people thunk you have to use all this special crap in order to grow this mysterious special plant. There's a lot of myths and snake oil on the shelves. The truth is it's just a plant. It's similar to tomatoes in it nutrient needs. To me if it's good enough for them its good enough for my ladies. Go into the organics section and read the soil mix and AACT sticky threads. It's about makin your own "nutes" and using bacteria and fungi to do it. Mixing a good soil is your first step
  14. A couple more feedings has the ladies looking a lot better. I picked up some protekt and have started watering with it, seems like silica is a pretty quality supplement.

    I'm looking for some advice on how I should start treating my potential mothers. One of my ladies is certainly the boss and seems to be ready for some sort of pruning. Would you guys suggest a top or FIM at this stage to maximize cloning potential?

    1- group shot
    2- the big momma
    3- one of the little ones perking up
    4- Bonus- another pile of young ladies I just picked up, and the evolution of an urban farmer


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  15. Heretik,

    Been doing a lot of reading in the OG forums. A lot to learn, but I dig it.
  16. [quote name='"billjones"']Heretik,

    Been doing a lot of reading in the OG forums. A lot to learn, but I dig it.[/quote]

    Hey nice grow! Check out my led grow test thread
  17. [quote name='"aceb4u"']

    Hey nice grow! Check out my led grow test thread[/quote]

    Led test? Pshh I've seen what they can do and even the newest best 600w badass hot rod of LEDs can't hold a candle to an hps. The advantages don't out weigh the negatives at all. And if I may add it sure sounds like an advertisement not a journal thread. I'll stick with my 1k hps thanks
  18. Any advice on starting to work on my mothers? Also I finally improved my ventilation at great increase of air, but great loss of heat. I had temps staying at 60 when my lights were off yesterday and not above 70 with lights on. Is this just too low? I put a space heater in a few days ago and have a few other ideas, but I sure wish I wasn't fixing one problem while creating another...

  19. [quote name='"heretikhashhead"']

    Led test? Pshh I've seen what they can do and even the newest best 600w badass hot rod of LEDs can't hold a candle to an hps. The advantages don't out weigh the negatives at all. And if I may add it sure sounds like an advertisement not a journal thread. I'll stick with my 1k hps thanks[/quote]

    What u on about what am I advertising? Dnt teach me about led mate coz I bin using them for a while, hps are gud I use a 600w hps my self and did a test with led, hps produce 13 grams more then led did per a plant but still led did vary gud, saves electric no heat problems and yes produces Bud and is better then ppl using cfl lights trying to flower plants,
  20. here check this dnt mean to advertise this but to show you [ame=]ProSource Worldwide Guide for LED Grow Lights - YouTube[/ame]

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