There should be a movie about...

Discussion in 'Movies' started by AhToker, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. What should there be a movie about that hasnt been made?

    You know ths movie Friday? How Craig loses his job? There should be a movie that explains the whole box stealing situation because they never explain what really happened -.-
  2. Friday is one of my top 10 favorite movies :smoking: but yea thats a good idea
  3. There should be a movie about life before the humans go to pandora in avatar
  4. wow, sounds like that would be FUCKING WACK
  5. How high part 2- HIGHER EDUCATION. Lol I can so write the script.
  6. They seriously need a new friday with the same actors
  7. there should be a movie about the end of the world which is typical but then theres these 2 stoners an there only goal is to smoke one last bowl before the world comes to an end..thing is they can't find any weed an everyone they could find in there area has been dry,they go on this mission to find weed & smoke as they wait for the world to fall apart, a lot of things happen a long the way some good some bad,some even unexpected.I think itd be interesting to make this movie more as real life instead of being a typical comedy stoner movie it could take a turn in a more serious direction with somewhat comedic outcomes :]
  8. You're cool.
  9. I'd watch that. You know that movie "Dude Where's my Car?" Well who doesnt but they should make a weed related one like "Dude where's my bong?" Or something else
  10. loool yeaa forsures..Id watch it,itd be like a part 2 or w/e :]
  11. everyone from halfbaked+pineapple express+how high+(weed movies im forgetting)
    for an ultimate 420 movie
  12. Haha yeah. Showing different lives of different kinds of stoners and them getting ready for the day of 4/20.
  13. and crazy batshit stuff going on aswell

  14. Tell me something I dont know....
  15. A documentary about successful, business potheads. Show the world there's a ton of successful smokers, besides stupid comedy movies portraying the typical pothead
  16. A movie about two computer software engineers who are both also computer hackers who play pranks on their coworkers and neighbors. They are also complete stoners.
  17. That'd make a good documentary

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