there is no god

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Is there a god?

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  1. guys, i was thinkin about some shit the other day, and im not sure if there are other theories similar to this one, but this is my theory on life and why there is no god.
    When we die, our brain shuts off and we cease to exist... much like every other animal on the planet. human minds cant physically begin to fathom the thought of having no thinking so we create relgion to make that thought right in our heads, subcounsiously. I see no reason at all to beileve there is a god besides books like the bible which have no proof of holiness than pepole just sayin that they are. CHristianity and all the other popular religions are just cults that easily personalize to any individual, thus their great popularity. God loves you for who u are..shit like that. if we evolved, which i beileve we did cuz evolution makes sense. then why do we go to heaven, and no other animals do? just cuz we have a bigger brain and can reason a little bit more than apes? nah, we dont go either.. apes have emotion, reason, and thought process. just like us...and we say they dont go to heaven. so why should we? i mean, why in hell should anyone beileve anything besides that when our brains shuts off, we go away.. theres no reason at all to beileve we have a spirit..or a soul or whatever. we are just the first species with the abiltiy to excel way above all the other animals on the planet. so we dominated it..that doesnt mean that there has to be a god and shit. also, this is kinda a long shot..pretty abstract stuff. but to explain how everyhitng got created..planets...universe..etc. what if everyitng just always was.. ur prolly thinking, nothing can just always be. it has to have a begining.. but maybe thast just our human brain unable to comprehend something with out a begining..i mean.. we arent unlimited in thought..we do have limitations. just somethin to ponder on. plz post responses to this and try to disprove my thoughts. ill try to resond to those posts as quick as possible. thx for stayin with me all the way thru that. heh
  2. Your poll needs to include:

    Not sure.........would like to believe.

    and............not "god" ,perhaps "higher authority/power.

    "Do you believe in the concept of "Gods and demons".

    just a thought.............

  3. hm, good point..but i kinda like my pol the way it forces people to choose yes or no.. no ridin the fence on my poll damnit! lol
  4. you see, it's not so much that there are people who aren't sure, it's more like some people are still maing that decision. I haven't yet decided about that myself, but I am leaning towards no. I once heard someone say that religion is for the weak-minded, that they couldn't fathom nonexistence so they make up some wonderful afterlife that will come to them as long as they follow a certain set of rules. I don't think of it in those terms exactly, but i do think that there are those who really do need some kind of religion. at it's best religion is a coping device, something to guide you and help you make good decisions, at it's worst it can responsible for the deaths of millions. Abstract concepts can be much more destructive than any weapon, if they get out of control.
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  7. well as long as people keep posting in it, it should stick toward the top of the active threads list....
  8. u make a very strong and logical argument .

    but the way i see it is religiion is all about faith. without faith i think id be a lost cause. you have to believe man. how can u look outside and see a gorgeous sunset or the beuty of the ocean and the mountains and not realize that there is not neccessarily a god but some sort of higher being.
    religion keeps alot of people sane if you know what i mean, but there are also those who take it to the extreme like these terrorists.
    i used to go to a privte school so i was confronted with these issues everyday.
    our lives on earth are just a test of our commitment to god. he gave us free will and we exercise that right every second of every day.

    we as humans cant comprehend what god is doing..
    again it is all about faith...............
  9. You say that our minds shut off when we die and that nothing else happens after that, but you never know....You dont believe in the human spirit? We have just as good of a chance of seeing a light and going to heaven or hell as we do our minds shutting off and us just being dead...Im not worried anymore I know it is interesting to think about but I figure Im happy with dying as long as I get to live a good portion of my life first.

    Concentrate on living and breathing and being happy rather then worry about life, because chances are for most of us or hopefully all of us, we'll be around for a long time from now so it really is a long time to sit and think about before we actually die. That went out to everybody.

    Im fucked up

    That didnt make any sense did it?

    Fuck it....
  10. Maybe you don´t believe in God and all those things written in the Bible............if so, the at least you got to admit that the Bible is a literary masterpiece, it contains everything, sin, betrayal, greed, sex in the family, but most of all, it has a message of love.

    If you watch a movie, take star wars for example, after 30 years, you still have fans dressing like chewbacca or vader.
    But after 2000 years, only a few has taken the "Jesus costume" if you know what I mean. Sad, isn´t it??.

    Now, if you take any book or movie, it always leaves you something to think about. The Bible makes you think, in few words, how to be a good person.

    I don´t know, but if I were God, I wouldn´t mind if some people don´t believe in me, but follows the Bible message.

    In fact, I would preffer that, than hypocrit catholics, who attend church in sundays, but have a nasty fucked up life the rest of the week.

    But remember, God doesn´t preffers, he loves us all equally.

    Well, if you don´t believe in any religion, if you believe you don´t have a soul etc etc, but you respect everybody, help an old lady cross the street, help the needed, then you are doin´fine............

    I personally stand with the Stigmata movie theory, it says that God is everywhere, under any stone, not only in church.
    (A lazy theory, don´t you think?, hehehhee)
  11. WElll what if god exists, but he exists as something so commericably availabe to all the kdids. He's gt it made, he can be winnie the pooh from tha show. I cant think more, my head cant handle all this tension right now... ahhhh. t5

  12. I don't think it's a YES or NO question.

    Being an atheist, and agnostic, I don't know whether there is or not, but I don't BELIEVE there is.

    This is why people of all faiths can be agnostic, as it means you BELIEVE(or no, as the case may be) that God exists, but realise that it's actually impossible to prove either way. So it's all about how strong your faith is.
  13. i believe! i believe! there is a god. we die, we move on .reincarcation from there? who knows probly. i just so badly know there is something greater than us. call it what u want. just a feeling of knowing there is something there. i don't need evidence. faith i call it.
  14. I think that when we die there is no heaven or hell we just stay on earth to walk as soles for the rest of our lives.
  16. THERE IS NO GOD! I believe aliens put us here, and i have no doubt their comin back to get me by 2012!

  17. did anyone else find this funny as fuck? judge not lest ye be judged....

  18. On a humid Heavenly afternoon
    When da Boss was feelin down
    He called fur His construction crew
    Said”Angels gather round!”

    I'm tired a hearin all dis stuff
    They're always blamin Me
    Fur floods n'storms n' wars ‘n such
    They never let Me be…

    I gotta make a special place
    Ta go when I feel low
    And get away frum “Bless me” prayers
    Dey should say “Thanks!”…but Noooo

    I gotta set of blueprints here
    Ya'll do it juss like dis
    Go make a place where I can go
    Ta cool out and catch some fish!

    I want da water crystal clear
    Over white as sugar sand
    Ya better put in plenty trees
    Dat give fruit all year round

    Be sure ta bring My flyin friends
    Dat fill da air with song
    Make um every color known
    And don't forget My Dove

    We'll need seven hundred islands
    I'll visit two a day
    I gotta have a lot a room
    When I go out ta play

    I'll make da Sun shine all da time
    It never will be cold
    Here in My island Paradise
    It'll be My second Home

    C'mon Michael, make it quick
    Tell Gabe ta bring da Band
    Angelic reggae all around
    Here in da Lord's playground

    I better give dis place a name
    If juss fur doubtin Thomas'
    I think I'll call My new playground
    Da Isles of da Bahamas!

    by DaCaptn
  19. There's no god, there's nothing supernatural. All the shit about god and jesus and supernatural powers, or just religion is an easy way to try to explain things that nobody understands. So they just search for a symbol, and people who doesn't know anybetter believe in that. so they don't have to think about what's live about, and what do I have to do in my live. they don't have to search themselfs to find what hapiness means. they just except what their believe says. I'm not saying that it's wrong, I have respect for those who have really a religion, but i can not believe in something which I'm not sure if it really exist, ...
    the only thing that I believe in is the power of nature, because nature will never cheat on you...
    and also in the human mind , but only if their honest to themselfs
  20. hmmm... i voted yes. i know of several accounts of people who were definately going to die... very soon. there was absolutely nothing the doctors could do to change that... but yet somehow they survived, and not a single trace of whatever was going to kill 'em could be found.... simply because they asked God to heal them. completely unexplainable. if anyone wants examples i'll be more than happy to give them.

    for all of those who disagree with the Bible (KJV only) as being the Word of God.... take this into consideration. the Bible has never once been proven to contradict itself. that book is perfect. now tell me, how can the writings of approximately 40 different people over a span of about 4,000 years be put together without a single legitimate contradiction, unless they were infact the inspired Word of God? also, don't you think that if there were any contradictions, they'd be found in the almost 2,000 years since it was finished?

    now before everyone goes "The Bible does to contradict!" i don't mean stuff like "eye for an eye" and "turn the other cheek." simply because that's not a legitimate contradiction. if you've read the Bible you'll know that "eye for an eye" is talking about when someone breaks the laws of the community (theft, murder, etc.) and the consequences of their actions. "turn the other cheek" is talking about if someone sins against you personally (ie. say someone lied to you, you're to forgive them).

    so yeah... if you can find one that's legitimate... let me know and i'll gladly concede to Christianity being false... but only if it's legitimate. if i can explain it (or know someone who can), it's not legit... also, before anyone goes ranting about me being close-minded, ask youself this... are you being close-minded by not even considering that i may just be right?

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