There is no emoticon to convey the sadness I feel.

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. I don't know if I ever told you about this before, but I have a cat named Trapper John. He's orange, and he was a big cat. A very big cat. He used to yell at me and my brother when he wanted food, that was how you always knew he was home. He was the loudest cat I ever had. And get this: he even sounded like someone hitting a bong when he fucking cool is that?!

    But here's why I'm sad. He's dying. He's dying as I type this. My mom doesn't think he'll make it through the night. I don't know what's wrong with him..he's only 2 years old! But he's bleeding from his mouth and he lost about half of his weight. I would honestly sell my soul right now for the money to take him to the vet, but no one can afford to.

    I went to my mom's house to visit him one last time before he died tonight, and I just layed there next to him in tears. My Trapper baby is dying, and I can't save him.

    They already dug his grave.


    Please God, make sure Trapper is happy when he goes, and let him know I love him with all my heart. I told him, but I don't think he can hear anything anymore.
  2. sending trapper outta pain vibes your way hempy.

  3. HEMPRESS!! I have tears in my eyes!! I am so truely sorry to hear this about Trapper John! He knows you love him dearly. and God will look after him in kitty heaven. I hear the capnip there, is just divine. my thoughts are with you, girl. take it easy, keep your chin up!
  4. I've got tears, too :( I am so sorry Sweet Hempress. I know this is killing you and I would do anything if I could take away Trapper John's pain as well as yours. I'm going to send some peaceful ~vibes~ to help with his transition and I'm going to send you some ~vibes~ of comfort and love.
  5. Thanks you guys...I appreciate it lots and lots.

    Wasn't he a cutie?
  6. argh, now you've done it

    memories of my own cat are flooding my mind, I didn't have to watch her die in such a horrible manner though

    Peace to your kitty Hempress
  7. Trapper John!! how cute areyou!!!!
  8. Know that feeling your having,had three cats that went out the same way..
    I feel for ya.

    Thats why i dont want anymore pets,not that i dislike'em but its to hard to say goodby.

    Sorry for your loss,and hope you can see better days ahead.
  9. I have buried three cats in my life, and I noticed they all died in August...why is that? And why is it that the coolest cats I have are always the ones to go?

    The Original Dooby:
    Died 8/03/1999
    Hit by a truck.
    My brother and I had to carry him home in a sheet. He had been dead for hours. But I don't think he looked like it was instantaneous.

    Died 8/05/2001
    Kidney and liver failure.
    After the O.D. died, she just lost the will to was almost 2 years to the day that she died. I really think she died of a broken heart.

    Trapper John
    Died 8/30/2003
    I have no idea what he died from...he was so young.

    aww, dammit, I miss them so much! :(
  10. we share you saddness, Hempress, hopping to wanish it.

    {the scientific say: from what you describe, he's eaten a bird, whose beak has injred his digestive system; or something similar)
  11. AWWWWWW! he was soooo cute! :( I really do have tears in my eyes, so sad to see a pet pass away, but I'm sure he knew he was loved and that helped him.

    He's in a better place, looking down on you, and guess what?! He still sounds like a bong!
  12. omg... i feel so sorry for you. i hate when pets die. i dunno why, its really bothers me. more than when humans do for sure. i think its because they just seam so helpless.

    (i dont mind if they die of old age... but anything else, it just bothers me)

    when i was 10, i closed my garage door, and while it was closing, my cat (who was also my favourite pet ive owned all my life, even now) tried to get under it before it closed... and well... long story short, i spent the next hour watching my cat twitch and foam at the mouth... screaming because no vets office was open within 2 hours of me... and even worse, my parents were out till really late.

    jesus... i havent thought about that in so long... was probably the worst day of life...

  13. Oh Adam, I'm so sorry.....
  14. POOR KITTY! Man I know EXACTLY how you feel. I had just got my Tobey (dog) in Feb. and he was a lil fat puppy and then in April right around easter he got parvo and rapidly lost weight. And everyone will agree when I say vets are DAMN expensive she wanted over 1000 just to hospitalize Tobey.
    Well me and my mom cried but our country ass neighbors said their dog had parvo but they gave him eggs and milk thru a syringe he it cured him so we did that and it went away in like a week. Tobeys fine now but he has bad allergies so he looks all mangey. SO if ANYONE has an animal with parvo try the egg and milk thing it worked for us.

    And im sworry about your kitty hes so cute and he sounds like he reeks of awesomeness:)
  15. omg..
    I read that he was bleeding from the mouth and my heart just went'pop'. I've heard alot about your so sorry hempress, words nor emoticons can express what i'd to do help you out. And that due to poverty, one should have to sit back and let a loved one, whether human or animal, die makes me ill. Sigh, if the world were perfect, vets would work for the love of animals, and the gov would fund it, instead of funding pointless drug and overseas wars..sigh
  16. Eggs and milk? Through a syringe? Explain, I don't understand.. and aren't dogs lactose intolerant?
  17. We did not feed Tobey milk as if it was water we fed it to him just a tad bit. But we gave him lots of water.
    I didnt know dogs were that? We give Tobey milk all the time and he is fine. Yes thru a syringe with a long plastic tube, lol he was so weak he didnt really fight back.
    Hell I didnt think it would work but it did.....hes barking as I type:)

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