Theory that FEMALE plants can be indentified as early as a week old...

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  1. Ok. Well marijuana is illegal to grow in most countries, so naturally there is not very much research on it at all. People say you have to wait until flowering, but what if there is a way to tell earlier?

    My friend is growing a plant that is a week old, and its huge! In between the main stem and the stem from the first leaves there is a little thing growing. Were not sure what it is... It looks like a pistil but the plant is only a week old.

    Could this be a sign of a female or is he just an idiot?

    Also, to add to the theory... The seeds used were bag seed from shitty Mexican weed. Mexican growers grow as fast as they possibly can, so they probably use the fastest growing strains as well. So maybe there is a strain that shows its sex earlier than others...

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  2. a week old INTO FLOWERING
  3. im pretty sure there is no way
  4. yes he is
  5. 1 weed has been grown forever, okay cultivated by the Mongols aTHOUSAND yrs ago. Little research in there, no?
    If that plant is one week old, I'll eat my hat and that plant!
    As far as the idiot thing goes I'm one for replying to this thread fer f**ks sake
  6. Unfortunately its not that easy
    -First off, you can't just assume that because you think you have some mexican weed that you have some super fast growing strain.
    -The growths you see are most likely new leaves forming which will eventually turn into another branch.
    -your plant does not seem to be an outstanding size for 1 week and if it is bigger then the others it is more likely to be male as my experiences with seeds the bigger vegging plants are males.
  7. the little things you speak of are nopt the hairs, all plants have them. They are just part of the plant. They are green and similarly shaped to the pistils. Many ppl see them and assume its a grl but they may very well end up being dissapointed when bananas start poppin out a week or two into flowering
  8. Now for my two cents.....I'm skeptical that your plant is only one week old. You are lucky to have one good set of leaves at a week. And your friend is not necessarily an idiot (but could be), he is just lacking in experience. Encourage him to read and research his hobby, to prevent being made an ass of.
  9. They are called "stipules" and they have been the cause of disappointment for me once before because they even turn white sometimes, and are thin like a pistil.

    This early into development I would have to say the new growth you are seeing is a secondary branch. Cheers!
  10. /thread over

    That wraps it up.
  11. thanks for the technical term man, appreciate the backup. Every dam part of the plant has a special name and many are such funny sounding words such as stipule haha :smoke:
  12. He lost track of when he planted it, so he was just guessing. The oldest it can be tops is probably 12 days.

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