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Theory about spliffs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RussianHaze, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. ight so i read that te reason weed smoke isnt cancerigen is because there are some elements i nthe smoke that cancel out the carcinogens, which are the molecules responsible for cancer. So if you smoke a joint with baccy int it, will those elements cancel out the chemicals in cigarette smoke? i think no but id be more than happy to be wrong input is appreciaed
  2. Nope.

    In a few studies it shows together it's more toxic.

    Sorry no links, but google if you could.
  3. I dont even care lmfao i love spliffs
  4. No, it's a lot MORE toxic. Smoking spliffs is beyond stupid, i'd rather you just smoked tobacco. There is not 1 positive aspect to smoking a spiff, it is highly damaging to your health.
  5. stoner/"philosopher" logic

  6. Makes it burn slower/evener.
  7. A spliff a day keeps the doctor away :p No, but seriously, spliffs are well and all if you dont smoke them alot, but its best to stay away from tobacco. I know, I smoke cigarettes.

  8. No, that's just a piss poor excuse to do it. If you have cured weed, it will burn slow and *even.
  9. Lol, I could've used evener there, as it does burn evener than weed on it's own :)

    And it's not really a "piss poor excuse". I've smoked both, and I can clearly see a difference, although I prefer smoking it without tobacco.

    Thanks for being a jerk though :)
  10. I used to smoke spliffs all the time with my friends, but that was only when smoking with them. Being the one non-cigarette smoker in a group of 4, the majority won most of the time.

    I personally have found the tabacco to be ineffective as far as addiction goes, however. It's really all how you perceive it- I never found myself thinking "Oh my God, I NEED tabacco in this J", because I never got any relaxation out of smoking tabacco; it just tastes like I'm smoking cardboard.

    But some of my friends simply enjoy the act of smoking something, and a cigarette is an easy substitute for them.

    I have a friend who claims he "won't get high" if he doesn't smoke a spliff- that is where I call bullshit haha!

    Spliffs aren't that bad in terms of taste, and can be nice to smoke once in awhile, but I'd never smoke them full time.

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