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  1. Here's some stuff i jotted down when i was high i dont really kno why i wrote it but im going to copy it word for word.

    You hrow up from warmth in the back of your mouth, warmth in certain parts of mouth triggers throw up, some people have different gag reflexis AKA they are less afraid of something gag cells create less warmth might come close to throwing up but wont

    (our health teacher was teaching us about placebo and shit like this the day before and she said we could warm our hands if we tried this is whut i observed i could do when i was high)

    How to warm hands in gloves, imagine hands are sweating, pool of sweat, imagine warm sweat, hot sweat, heat moves into hands, dont think, "Hey my hands are warm!", or warm leaves, touch face and you can feel the warmth.

    (that worked for me)

    Burns are caused by quick change in temperature not neccasarily hot or fire, just changing tempo, warmer the object, warmer must be to burn, dry ice burn on hot hand would be horrible, while dry ice burn on really cold hand would be minimal. Although temperature change is one variable of ability to burn there are others, therefor wood and gas at the same temp will burn at different temps AKA combustibilty
    this is why teeth hurt when u drink really cold milk.

    george carlin looks like willy nelson

    (i was watching some show dont ask)

    song 10 orange (whut i meant by orange was the orange kmk cd "High Society") kmk #10 peaople talkin very quit in background


    thats jus sum theories and ideas i had on shit, anyway alot of you might think thats dumb but it seemed to make alot of sense to me when i wrote it
  2. that's cool.... you should start a thread on "shit we write and think about when we're high" or "high philosophies"

    cuz i have a bunch of shit... about the universe and the theory of being one in the ame with everything else.... don't wanna get into it now.. i'm sober.... its better high... haha
  3. This is posted verbatim from a PM I made on some messageboard once:

    Heres how I think a high works: All it does is slow down your short-term memory.

    I dont know if all this is sound as far as actual brain science goes, but it makes sense to me.

    Think of your memory as a movie reel. Things you see, hear, taste, think of, everything gets recored on this reel in order. Your entire consciousness exists right up on the edge of "now" on this reel. The farther back something happened, the farther down it is on this reel, so this is what gives you a sense of the passage of time, and how you can say "i know this happened before that" or "um, about an hour ago".

    But this short-term reel, being just short-term, can only hold so much. So when you stay up all night, the reel starts backing up. Your brain starts slowing down, and your thoughts get all jumbled up. When you go to sleep, this is the time for your brain to take those memories and start sorting them in the long-term memory archives (I also think that dreaming is a part of this process).

    So heres what happens when you get high. THC interacts with the chemical receptors, and speeds the reel up. You feel like youve been high for an hour, look at the clock "its only been 20 minutes!" Toking up is an hour back on the reel, but since its been sped up, it feels like times slowed down. I think thats maybe why things seem so much more profound. A 5-minute song gets 10 minutes worth of your thought. Since the "then" is gone, it forces you to concentrate on the "now". Its like increasing the resolution of your senses.

    It would also explain why you get sleepy. The reel starts filling up prematurely, and makes your brain start to get tired, just like sleeplessness does. Ever notice how when youre dead tired, it almost kinda feels like being high? (I assume youve been high, with the "stoner mobile" and all ;) )

    Thats also what makes a story hard to follow. Imagine someone tells you "So today I went to-", then you watched some TV, then they came back "the store today, and I saw-", get something to eat, "that tall guy from school". Id think "who? what are you talking about again?" Same effect.

    So they say "marijuana affects the memory". Yeah, pretty much. But that doesnt mean memory loss.

    Well, I guess that about does it. Lemme know whatcha think.
  4. IDK thats all i have to say ill read that again next time i smoke, mine too i dont really understand either of them lol
  5. Wrong, wrong, it's all wrong!
    If you think that's how "a high works" go drop some acid.

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