Theories on t5 lighting

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  1. I will be using a T5 4x48" lighting system for my first grow. It comes with ultra blue spectrum grow bulbs that produce a total of 20,000 lumes.
    I've heard so many different things about these lights, that I wanted to start a thread here about it and get your opinions.

    -Some say to use the same bulbs for the entire process including flowering.
    -Some say to switch the bulbs out for warm "bloom" bulbs for flowering. These also produce 20,000 lumes.
    -What about running half and half to get the full spectrum forth entire process?

    Anyone familiar with these lights?
    Any tips for me?

  2. id go with either of your bottom 2 choises, either half n half for the full grow, or switch em out(for reds) when u start flowering, but i defo wouldnt just use the "blue" lights for the entire grow(veg & flower)
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    Ok thanks. That's what I was thinking. Anyone have any personal experiences with T5's?

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