Theoretical proof of the existence of the "Matrix"

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  1. Before you read this, i'd like to ask you to put all preconieved thought of the theology, existence, dimensionality, and spirituality aside, and view this post from a multiversal cosmically scientific basis. Logic.

    It's too bad "science" turns a blind eye to such things, as the study of what we interpret as supernatural may very well, after all, be the nautural state. Assuming anything close to superstring theory is correct and there is such a matrix of overlapped and interconnected dimensionality, that it is entirely possible that we share this planet with other races of beings which exist on another plane of existence, another form of matter in which we cannot access, or have difficulty accesing due to our limited knowledge, which is further suppressed by hard-nosed "scientists" scoffing at such notions.

    I find it suspicious, and i don't see how any other scientists haven't yet proposed it, that we are unable to account for a large percentage of the matter that makes up the universe. By current understanding, there's really not enoug matter or mass to have a gravitational effect that exists. If we took all the known matter in our galaxy and added it all up, there would be about 30-40% of the required mass to "hold the galaxy together"

    Theoretically the galaxy shouldn't exist, but it does, so there's somrthing else out there, or not neceessarialy "out there" but overlappinmg our own dimensional plane.

    Superstring theory basically states that there is 10 dimensions, 3 dimensions of 3 dimensions each, all "held together" by the dimesion of time into a conglomerated matrix encompassing the whole of existence. If this is a clue, when viewed along with the 30-40% of detectable mass, 33% to be exact, would account for two "missing" dimensional martrix sectors.

    Could the entities i have encountered be what exists inside one of the matrix sectors? Do they know how "time travel" along the 10th dimension that would in theory be the conduit between matrix sectors? Maybe they're scientists too, and they're studying. Maybe they use technology to holographically project into our "parallel universe" to study us, maybe they use magic mushrooms.

    There are a lot of clues to the existence of such things, such as what we interpret as alien encounters/abduction and also the supernatural AKA ghosts/apparitions. Real world experience of people of all races, cultures, and throughout time have reported these two distinct phenomenon since humans have been recording such things. Interpretation of these events has been constantly evolving into the sects of religion whe have, into the belief of alien visitors from other worlds.

    So far we have a possibly valid theory of 10 dimensions tied together into groups of 3, one group which are the known boundaries of our existence plus time, or whatever the shared common element is, we have 1/3 of matter creating gravity accounted for, and we have two separate and distinct phenomenon involving beings of some form, ghosts and aliens, by whichever name they are known.

    If you haven't deduced for yourself yet, basically what i theorize as a composite of all these factors is there is a few prominent possibilities tht would account for our eixtence as we know it, and also the matrix of existence as a whole in which we are 1/3 of. Could it be that the 10th dimension, what we know of as time, is actually the confining factor? Seeing as how time as we interpret it is something the theoretical mind requires to justify existence, then time could very well be the limit to our dimensional view.

    This brings us to death.

    As i have stated at other times, i don't believe in god, or religion for that matter, i believe in existence, and science is what we use to essentially prove our existence, no matter what name we give it.

    This does not mean that what most cultures view as religion is wrong, by far, religion in some cases, especally those involving planar ascention, reincarnation, etc. seem to be closest to the truth of the multverse, the truth of the matrix i mentioned above. Are we the middle rung of a ladder of it all?

    What seems logical:

    The apparitions we so often refer to as ghosts, spirits, or soul could be where we are all "born" as a manifestation of massless energy. As our energy increases to the point where it can sustain the operation of a physical manifestation, we are physically born into this matrix sector, flesh and blood, where we are given a physical form in which we gather knowledge, nuts and bolts stuff, flesh, blood, we know pleasure, pain, heat, cold, and have the opportunity to gather intelligence on the physical forces by using our 5 senses. When we die, we shed our bodies and "time travel" into the third matrix sector, where energy and the knowledge of matter combine and we become the complete "ascended being", the aliens.

    A while back a study was done that charted human physical evolution, and if we continue evolving as we have, in i forget how many thousands of years, the projected computer composite images basically put us in remarkable resemblance to the predominantly reported alien form, the gray.

    Did the ancient egyptians know this? Did they even know how to metaphysically transmigrate along the common shared dimension? Possibly, and if that is the case, it is likely that mind altering substances are the key to the doors of perceptions.

    We see nature take this form all the time, in the insect world, larva, pupa, adult, and it's a common theme throughout nature. Are we in in a dimensional/metaphysical pupa stage? are we all just simply here in a cocoon of 3 dimesions gathering a consciousness to apply to the energy that we were? waiting to hatch? If so, then that at the samr time both validates and negates everything we percieve.

    I think in ancient times we strayed from the path of truth and have been trying to reconnect with the truth of full cycle existence through religion. Along that bumpy road, those people posessing not necessarily higher, bur more awareness realized, or maybe inadvertedly, deviated from the path of life and formed the concept of religion. Lacking even a fraction of the ability to conceptualize such a thing, the less aware cling to the theories of religion as "the gospel truth" and begin the devaint path theolgy at the same time as the rise of civilization. The "prophets" that have led the way may have done so with malicious intent, or may not have, maybe just were really misguided but charismatic enough to gather a following.

    As we continue to deviate from our true beings, and build our prison-camp cities of concrete, we lose the communion with nature that we have always had, and when we do that, we also are denied the ability to intake the sensory input of the natural world that our sole reason of physical manifestation is to gather. We fail or somehow end up not prepared for the ascention.
  2. it's an interesting theory... i won't say anything more.

  3. long have i pondered such things.
  4. That's one of the coolest ideas I've read in awhile.

    How would you account for the gravitational influence of the other two dimensions being measurable in ours, yet no other influence seems to exist here? For example, we experience the gravitational pull of bodies in other dimensions, but we don't experience these bodies via electromagnetic means (visible light, radio waves, UV, etc.). Have you any thoughts along those lines?


    The Rev

  5. The common dimension, time. Like with special relativity, as speed increases, mass also does, and these dimensions exist above and below the barriers of time, not necessarily like past, present future, but as for the atomic oscillations, electron orbits, the matter has properties that cause them to exist only in a state in which their oscillations are above the speed of light. Such particles are also theoretically known to quantum physics. There's a lot we don't know though, because "real scientists" are mostly blind fuckin idiots who live in a lab and only deal in known facts to quantify the unknown.
  6. Yes, yes, that makes sense, now all you have to do is prove to the rest of the wrold that its not bullshit....i pity you

  7. or start your mini-cult witch would be easier, as im in a tiny cult type thing with the anunaki as the creators of us and the greys. :D
  8. Descartes claims that there is no way of knowing if you are living in a 'matrix' of course he used the term brain in a vat, meaning a mad scientist is keeping your brain in a jar and showing you what he wants to.

    Descartes claimed that our all senses are paths of information to our brain but those paths can be blocked or made to process false information, similar to what the machines do in The Martix.

    Even if we were to open out eyes to our 'matrix' there is nothig to say you're not still living in another matrix.

    Essentially he claimed the only thing we can be sure of is that we exist at all, and he claimed this is true because we are thinking, hence "I think therefore I am."
  9. yes excactly. don't replace a mystery with a mystery. the matrix-hypothesis gets you no longer than the god-hypothesis.

    but it's a neat idea :)

  10. and what about all the new "maybes" insteada "yes" or "no" and all that fuzzy logic in physics. what about einstines cosmological constant or the newely described dark matter... could thins not really be accounted for by these extra dimensional interactions?
  11. this is all teosophism wrapped up in ufo-paper.

    all the same new-agist crap about beeing good to eachother coz' it "enhances the harmonious vibrations on another dimension", and if we reach nirvana so to speak we'll "get in contact with our higher selves".

    basically all the stuff that comes out of the hare-krishna dudes you meet at airports. they are real cool in their orange bedsheets, right? :)
  12. i had this same idea also,that everthing known to man gets recycled in a way.everthing has ripples.

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